Sunday, January 2, 2011

Interview with Kawaii TV!!

Some days before I went to Sweden Jenny, her french friend Diane and me was interviewed by a TV-team from the show Kawaii TV that airs every wednesday in Japan on the channel NHK.

This interview was not filmed though, it was only a test interview to get to know us. but the TV-team wants to make a show about it if they get OK from the channel. 

Jenny had been talking about that Kawaii TV wanted to meet them because some foreigner had told them about her. She thought it was me but I haven't talked to them before.

Some days later Maria, Said and me had just finished the photoshoot for ELLE when I saw Jenny and Diane standing next to Shibuya crossing.

I asked what they were standing around waiting for and the next second the TV-team comes up and said that all of us could come to the interview so that was a fun suprise. =)

Here's a short video from the café where we got interviewed:

Jenny's Japanese is sooo good I can't believe it. Before she came to Japan in April 2010 she had been studying it for about five years in France.

My Japanese still kinda sucks compared to Jenny and Diane but I did my best during the interview...!! XD

Here's a little bit of what they asked us: 

Kawaii TV: -"Jenny, what are you doing in Japan?"

Jenny: -"I study at a school for drawing Manga, work at the shop Bumble Bee in Shibuya 109 and will soon start to do modeling". 

Kawaii TV: -"So would you like to become a Manga artist in the future?"

Jenny: -"That was my dream originally but I don't really know anymore."

Kawaii TV: -"What do like to sing at Karaoke?"

Jenny: -"Songs from the korean band "Big Bang".

The Kawaii TV-team on the right side of me.

Kawaii TV: -"Diane, do you have a boy friend?"

Diane: -"Yes I'm engaged with a Japanese guy I met in France".

Kawaii TV: -"Is he a Gyaru-O?" (Gyaru-boy)

Diane: -"No he's he's normal".

Kawaii TV: -"Fredrik, why did you wanna go to Japan?"

Me: -"I played Japanese video games since I was 5 years old and later started to like Animé and Japanese movies. Then I got fascinated by the fashion and culture here." 

Kawaii TV: -"So what's your favorite Animé?"

Me: -"Death Note and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei." (Translation: So long, Teacher Despair) 

Kawaii TV: -"Do you have a dream for the future?"

Me: -"I would love to make a reality show similar to MTV's "The Hills" about young Japanese people's life. The scene would be Shibuya instead of Hollywood."

It was a lot of fun doing the interview and I recently heard that Kawaii TV might do a documentary about Jenny's life here. Exciting!!^^ 


  1. Ååh, gud vad roligt! Vet du när de ska sända intervjun?

  2. yeaahhh that's so cool Fredrik ! i hope kawaii tv will accept this interview!! :D you have such a nice dream :)

  3. Becci:

    Dem vet tyvärr inte om intervjun blir accepterad av TV-kanalen än.

    Jag försökte fråga ifall dem visste när programmet skulle sändas ifall dem får OK men dem sa att dem inte kan säga något än.

    Vi får se vad som händer, men om jag får reda på nåt mer så säger jag till! =)

  4. Shabwouina:


    Hahaha maybe it's a silly dream and it will be hard to make it come true but I think it would be a fun show!

  5. hey

    i read today that mtv japan is actually going to air a show in january that is kind of like the hills- have you heard of it? its called shibuhara girls or something

    I'm kind of a silent reader but I wanted to let you know because I literally just read it before I read your Post

    and btw I love your Blog :) <3

  6. Anonymous:

    Wow, thank you for telling me this!!!

    I just googled it and you're right.

    Seems like the first episode will air 8th January.

    Read about it here:

    Some mysterious teasers:

    I really wonder what the show will be like...
    If they make with the right people and the filming and music is as good as in "The Hills" it could be amazing...

    And pretty smart and fun name too for the show!!
    Thanks again for telling me, I look forward to the show!^^

  7. Ååååh!!!! Grattis!!!
    Jag äääälskar Tokyo Kawaii TV, så är liiite avis haha!
    Kommer definitivt kolla in det om jag kan. :)
    Hoppas du har det superfint hemma och ett fantastiskt år 2011! (Har varit så hektiskt hör, vet inte om jag redan sagt det!? o.O)

  8. wow so thats your dream fredrik?? i think your blog is already really "professional" and you research and talk to interesting people(strangers) all the time! i think you have great potential! keep it going <3

  9. Wooooow so amaaazing! Tokyo Kawaii!!! x3 Do you know the time of broadcast? You said it was only a test, so when will be the right interview? Wanna see it on TV x3 Woah sooo exiting! x3 <3 Me I'm kinda scared when I see a camera in Shibuya xD Too shy for tv! And It's so nice your idea with the TV show! I hope it will work out! Wish you lot of fun! :D

  10. woah you have some nice style and I really really love your blog! It's really interesting to read it.

  11. heyy~ i hope they accept the interview!!!
    so cool!!! i love kawaii tv <3
    your life is so exciting ;D
    i love your blog <3
    take care~

  12. Wow! I want to see this interview!

  13. hopefully, they will air your scenes ^^

  14. aww i loove ur blog *w*!!

    by the way, how long have u been studying japanese o(>w<)o?

  15. God! You're so handsome!!! (Just to say this!)


  16. Hey :) I read your blog all the time and youve become a huge inspiration to me, Im now hoping to be moving to Shinjuku in 2013 ^-^
    Anyway I was looking on the internet before and I found the video you were talking about your friend possibly featuring in on Kawaiitv!
    Heres the link :3