Monday, January 24, 2011

Part 2/3 EGG Youth Party feat. Blog Boys and Kanako!!

Now we're about to find out how deep the rabbit hole is, and do they like salty licorice down there!? ;D

When we came in to Atom for the EGG Youth Party it was a lot of people there waiting for the Fashion Show and performance by the band PlayZ to start, but it was going to get more crowded...

Met Naokyuns friend Akipuu in the crowd. He thought he looked fat on this photo for some reason.

Me and Engla was curious what kind of style this girl had, and asked if it was some kind of CosPlay or mix between styles. She said it was just her own original style.

She must have put a lot of effort in her unique look and were really nice.


So of course she got some candy!! And this candy "Salta katter" by Fazer is Finnish and not Swedish by the way, as a reader commented.
Kexchoklad is still Swedish though, and maybe Malaco too..?

Right before the fashion show with the Blog Boys were about to start it was so crowded that they had to ask everybody to take some steps back to give space for the models.

The Youth Blog Boys from left to right:
Back row: Minorun, Zukey, Ryouichi, Takkezou
Front row: Hayato, Chiibo, Naokyun, Yuunyan

First out was Minorun representing the brand Daisy.

And then Hayato, here in the CO&LU-newspaper in the right upper corner.

Then it was time for Kanya to the left, here together with Kanako, to show off some fashion. She's not one of the Blog Boys, so I don't really know why she came up but fun with some variation.

Followed by Chiibo to the right. Did anybody notice that Kanako is in pretty much every single EGG-picture by the way!? XD

And then Yuuri, which we gave scandinavian candy to before the party as you can read in Part 1 here.
Hahah I love how the girl to the left in this pictures seems to wonder what's going on!^^

And then it was time for Naokyun.


And Takkezou to the left, here together with Tanaka Daichi on the Shibuya 109-2 entrance poster.

And last up was Ryouichi, second from left, that we also met earlier today.

Everybody came out to thank the audience and received gifts from fans.

Then Odacchi came up and asked if I remembered him from the Double Heart party.

Tanaka Daichi came up on stage to host the EGG Youth Super Model Contest for unknown talents, and the audience went crazy.

First contestant up.

Second one.

Third one. Tanaka Daichi joked about how this guy talked and hold the mic, and said he was already a professional as you can see in this video:

Tanaka Daichi took a photo with the audience for EGG.

Takkezou, Yunkoro and some people from the audience joined.

Yunkoro receives a fan letter while Takkezou and Tanaka Daichi are talking.

Loved the caps that two girl in the front had!^^

Watch a close up on the awesome caps while Takkezou and his girlfriend Natsumi from the magazine Ranzuki interview some people in this video:

We gave some salty licorice to these guys haha...
As you might know Japanese people are usually really polite but appearently they can't deal with salty licorice!! XD

The first guy that tasted said it was horrible and directly spitted it out.
The next one said it wasn't that bad, then he said it was a bit salty, and some seconds later he ran for the toilet to spit it out... :D 

I think I took this just to try the flash, but turns out the the guy in leopard jacket and leopard pants had shoes with leopard laces under his purple laces!!^^
That's pretty hard core. :P

In Part 3 of
"EGG Youth Party feat. Blog Boys and Kanako!!" we meet all the Blog Boys plus Kanako, and the Kigurumis on the first picture goes crazy! =)


  1. Tredje gången jag försöker kommentera.. :O kan inte se vissa bilder :( gör mig jeteledsen :''(

  2. Wow your blog is amazing I just had to follow too! Looking like the party was a success, looking forward to future posts!

  3. Nice entry again! ♥

    and thanks for the compliment for my last photo (^^;) hehe~ I put a new one again~

    Wahaha sure, let's go to Alcatraz! :D

    I really like this entry! So many "famous" people~..
    So cool! Looks like fun

    Unfortunately I don't have time to watch the videos yet, because i'll have breakfast
    But I will do this later! XD

  4. Haha, classic!!! ^^
    Love the leopard print guy's expression, perfect!!
    I've tested on friends and former students of mine, but I always had a tissue ready just in case. One girl was so polite and managed to eat hers properly... so she ended up getting the whole box. I'm sure she threw it away at home though. ;P

    Ser sjukt roligt ut iallafall! うらやましい~ ^^

  5. Yup Malaco is swedish ^^ Tho actually salta katter is a finnish-swedish candy from cloetta fazer ab (later cloetta and fazer were separated into two companies so yeah, cloetta is swedish and fazer finnish..)
    The package only says Fazer so i dunno what is it nowadays.. difficult lol :C

  6. awww you had a great day!!*_*
    I wanna go there too! ^^

  7. I'm looking forward to the pictures of people eating "salta katten"!
    But it's true their food has not got that much salt in it. My friend almost went crazy after two weeks when we were there. She was all like: "I'm from norrland! I need salt!" Haha :D
    Thanks for intresting pictures as usual!

  8. Your blog is so funny and interresting (©w©)~*

    I got same kind of reactions when I gave
    salty licourise to my friends in Japan :)
    Some of them sneaked out from the back door
    of our class room to split out the candies :D
    On girl came to me and said: "The candy you
    cave to me was HORRIBLE! I saw my whole life
    flashig infront of my eyes. I thought I was going
    to DIE!" :'D

    I really don't think they're that bad though (^^;)

  9. リカちゃん:

    Ojdå va tråkigt. :(
    Vad hände de två gångerna innan du försökte kommentera??

    Är det just idag du inte kunde se en del bilder eller är det alltid samma problem??

    Igår var några bilder borta av någon anleding, men idag är dem tillbaka. Blir inte klok på bloggen ibland. :/

  10. this has been bothering me for couple days now and I have to ask or i'll become crazy :D

    "Tanaka Daichi joked about how this guy talked and hold the mic, and said he was already a professional as you can see in this video:

    what professional? i watched that video over and over again and i heard no talking about any kind of professionals what so ever

  11. Anonymous 3:

    You are right, he never really mentions the word professional in that video. He only says that his way of holding it is "Umai" which is rather "skillfull" than "proffesional" but could also be translated into "expert".

    I guess that's where I got it from even though the way I expressed it sounds kinda wrong, now that I look through the video again. :/

    It might also be that he talked about him being professional later on in the interview. I don't remember anymore, but then it was wrong of me to say "as you can see in this video".

    Anyhow, very observant of you to notice that and cool that you understand Japanese. =)
    I will try to make better translations from now on!

    I make a lot of mistakes in the blog, so I'm happy that there's readers like you that can correct them, and don't hesitate to ask if there's anything else you wonder! :)

  12. that would have been an epic party! you must've had such a fun time :)