Thursday, August 23, 2012

Agepoyo is Not a Blog. It's a State of Mind. アゲポヨってブログじゃなくて、考え方だよ!

I randomly met this ex-Vogue model Fernanda Crevelenti in Sao Paolo, Brazil! :)

Every single item she had were fashionable! Only 17 years old and already more stylish than I'll ever be! :/

Cute flower power shoes! ^^

And I could die for those rings! She had put the "diamonds" in the skull herself.

I guess her main fashion point were the bag though! Has flags ever been this popular?

And what would any outfit be these days without the American flag!?

In Sweden, the American flag is EVERYWHERE! Here as a top on the girl to the left.

I asked the other girls why they were wearing the skeleton masks.

I had expected it to be because of some kinda demonstration, like the one for the band Pussy Riot. That's why this Russian girl from my school wore this mask.

But they answered: -"What do you mean? We wear it because we want to."

Amazing answer. It doesn't have to be a special occasion like Halloween to wear costumes. A Russian prime minister doesn't have to put people to jail for you to wear masks - You can look mind-blowing  like these two from Canada, any day of the year! ^^

Talking about Canada, Fernanda's awesome friend Dery who had just been to Canada showed up later! (Check mah Amerrrica shoes btw)

They showed me around Augusta in central Sao Palo. Fernanda knew all the artists of the incredible street art because her boyfriend are into that.

Brazil is not only the future host of the soccer world cup and the olympics...

It's also most definitley the future host of so many international art and club events.

And you know me; I like that stuff! I'm so happy that there's still so many of you following this blog even though people have been wondering if I'm still alive lately.

I feel so much appreciation that if I ever become rich, I will throw a huge party for all of you! It's gonna be the fantastic!

Do you know why? Because there will be pink popcorn there. For free! I can't wait.