Monday, January 31, 2011

Street Snap of the Day 今日のストリートスナップ #19

On Shibuya Senta-Gai. The Center Street of Shibuya.

I'm not sure if they are just being clowns or CosPlaying some special characters?

The guy to the right reminds me of Buggy the Clown from the Manga One Piece. 

I used to read it and watch the Animé but haven't been doing it for a while. 

Do you read or watch One Piece??



Don't mess with these stylish clowns!! ;)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Souvenirs to Shibuya 109!! =D

I went to Shibuya 109 to give the staff I know souvenirs I bought in Sweden.

Here you see the Mayhem-staff and model Ryoma trying to eat "Salta katten"...
Some of the gifts were more appreciated than others!! XD

Since I was going to give people gifts from Sweden and Finland, I thought it was
best to wear clothes from those countries to represent them in a good way!! ;)

To get to the entrance of the guest house in Korea Town(Shin-Okubo) where I live
you have to go through this Korean idol store.

Since I see them several times everyday I need to maintain good relations with them, so this was a very tactial gift! ;D

No I'm just kidding, they are super nice and liked everything except for the "Salta katten". :/

"Salta katten" is salty licorice that Japanese people fear more than anything else in the world! :O

Before I went to Sweden I asked some people what kind of souvenirs they wanted, and Masshu said that he wanted a shirt special for Sweden and was really specific about what size it should be.

He said this size would fit him perfectly but started laughing when he saw that his size is "Extra Small" in Sweden.

Two people that were hanging around in Masshu's store Daisy.

A couple of months ago Yukino and me tried to teach Ryoma in the middle of this picture some English he could use when foreign customers come to his store Mayhem in Shibuya 109-2.

But the next time we came he said that he had forgot everything. :(
The staff to the right of me is half-american so hopefully he can remind him!

Note: On the above picture it is written "Cluise" in the background, instead of "Cruise".^^

Anyway, Ryoma loves soccer just like me, and since one of Sweden's best players Zlatan Ibrahimovic now plays for Ryoma's favorite team AC Milan he wanted a Zlatan-shirt.

Ryoma taking purikura with the Mayhem staff before watching one of Japan's World Cup games 2010.

Ryoma got super excited when he got a Zlatan-shirt!
He put it on, ran around the store and took a lot of photos of it! =)

Ryoma wanted to take some photos for his blog.
You can read his blog post about when he got the Zlatan-shirt here!!

Note: It is still written "Cluise" instead of "Cruise" in the background! XD 

Is Zlatan Ibrahimovic working in Shibuya 109-2 now!? :O

The half-american staff, which I can't remember the name of, got "Kexchoklad" and "Zoo"!
I love that sweater!!

He used to live in America before and said he was gyaru-O then too.
I wonder how people reacted there if he had that hair style?

I suggested Ryoma to try some "Salta katten".

Ryoma: -"What kinda people do you give this to!!??"

Me: -"People I don't like..."

Ryoma: -"I thought so!"

Ryoma must be one of the nicest staff at Shibuya 109-2! He always wanna talk for an hour or more even though I don't have money to buy anything and are so sad when you leave. 
I love all the Mayhem-staff!!^^

Next to the desk at Mayhem they have a board full of Purikura that the Mayhem-staff and customers have put up.

In the top left corner you can see a Purikura photo of me and Yukino. =) 

On the way out from Shibuya 109-2 I met Taahamu that works in the store next to Mayhem.

Then I went to JSG in Shibuya 109 to give Rina a present but the staff told me she was sick in influenza. I thought the staff to the right was an EGG-model but she said that she have never been in EGG.

Then I noticed her red fur shoes and remembered it was in Rina's blog I had seen her.

After that I went to SBY on the top floor to meet Yukino and Sara Mari from America that was on vacation in Japan.

All over the walls it was big posters of Kanako and Romihi in bunny suits.
Then Yukino whispered to me: -"Isn't that Kanako shopping over there!?" 

I first thought Yukino was wrong and that it might be Kanako's biggest fan "PRG Nattsun" in the small picture to the right, which tries to copy Kanako's style completley.

Ayumu also got a fan like that called Keemun.

But it was actually the real Kanako Kawabata that were shopping in SBY without makeup and fake lashes wearing a mask.

Kanako first didn't want to take a picture because she wasn't styled but after a while she said ok.

I was so suprised when I saw that Kanako had to pay for the stuff she bought in a store that is full of pictures of her everywhere. I thought she would get anything she wanted for free or even get payed to wear it.

When we came out from Shibuya 109 I saw this Lolita girl smoking.
That felt kinda strange since I always imagined Lolita girls to live cute lifes surrounded by pink cupcakes far away from cigarettes.

Leon and two friends from the hair styling school he went to joined us! =)

Lately more and more brands are starting to make collaborations with Shibuya 109-brands. Here you see PR for the new Fujitsu-phone you can get in your favorite 109-brand.

Here you see the CocoLulu-edition. These phones are called "109-Kei Keitai".

Kei = Style
Keitai = Cellphone

And recently EGG started a collaboration with the game company Namco called EggNam.

EGG + Namco = EggNam

Here you can read EGG while styling yourself and eating pop corn.

Or take Purikura in funny hats and suits!^^

Me and Sara Marie took Purikura. You can read her nice blog here!!



Purikura with everybody! :)

A video of Sara Mari playing "Purikura Slots":

I gave Leon a shirt and a "Malaco Treasure Box" with candy like "Bilar".
Pretty fun that you have to open it with a key. You can buy it at Arlanda Airport.

Leon wrote something like this on his Mixi diary:
"As I thought, candy from overseas is really cool!
You even have to open it with a key!

I'm just worried that everything might be packaged like this in Sweden...
Sweden is such a fashionable country!

Appearently all the tourists in Sweden buy this shirt with the text "100% Swedish" written on it. 
But how can they wear a T-shirt when it's 30 degrees minus there!? And I'm pure Japanese... ;D

But I will wear it when I go to clubs! Maybe!"

Street Snap of the Day 今日のストリートスナップ #18

This guy was standing on Takeshita Street in Harajuku.


Kinda scary if people are gonna start using whole animals as accessories,
and not just fake(?) fox-tails.

He didn't really wanna show his face.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Two-Shot with Gohan!!

This gyaru-O called Gohan* was waiting for the first morning train at Shibuya station like me.
I have seen him lots of times at Club Atom. 

*Gohan = Rice in Japanese

Me: -Did you go to Atom tonight?

Gohan: -Yeah, as soon as I get a day off from work I go there.
Ah, aren't you Yukino's friend?

Me: -Yes how do you know!?

Gohan: -I saw you together on Egg Mgg TV.

Me: -You're hair is awesome, how long did it take to do it??

Gohan: -Just 30 minutes, I'm a hair stylist.
But I would rather have blonde hair like you.

Me: -I always see you with another guy in Atom. Are you best friends?

Gohan: -Ah yeah I guess so, I were with him today too.

After I had taken the photos of Gohan in the subway we were riding he laughed for almost two minutes.

Gohan: -Hahah that's the first time I've ever been in a photo in the train... (I'm not sure if it's OK to take pictures in the Japanese trains)

Gohan: -"Two-shot".

Me: -Eh? No I took three photo shots.

Gohan: -I mean, let's take a "two-shot".
(Appearently that means to take a picture together)

So the Japanes lesson of today is:
Gohan = Rice
Two-Shot = A picture together