Friday, January 14, 2011

Gifts from Wonder Rocket in Harajuku

When my sister was visiting me in Japan about a year ago her favorite store were Wonder Rocket
in Harajuku. So before I went back to Sweden she wanted me to buy some clothes there for her.

The furnishing inside Wonder Rocket with rabbits, leafs and clocks everywhere
really makes it feels like you slipped down the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland.

And the staff are the best!!^^
I wonder if anyone would get that nice if they lived in there cute little world for a while? ;)

I didn't really know what clothes to choose so luckily the girl to the right helped me out,
and my sister loved what she picked. =)
You got the bag she has on this picture as a gift for shopping for more than 5000 yen. 

Only bad thing was that my sister's favorite staff
that helped her when she was here wasn't there. :(

She's the funniest shop staff you'll ever meet!^^

I don't remember her name but we always called her "Mii"
since she reminded us of Mii from Moomin with that ball
on top of her hair. ;)

The staff packed the accessory I bought in a nice package like this.

If you come to Harajuku, don't forget to drop by this cozy store on Takeshita Street! :)

We didn't only go to Wonder Rocket when my sister was here though,
we also went to Disney Sea! =)

The atmosphere in Tokyo Disney Land and Disney Sea is
just amazing!^^
I've been to Disney Land in some different countries but 
there's something special about TDL!*

*TDL = Tokyo Disney Land

Marifume from Tutuha in Disney Land to the right.

Goofy together with Moripi from JSG, Masshu, Yuunyan and Minorun from Daisy and Hayato from Co&Lu. Most of them wearing Daisy's "Boarder Mickey"-shirt that was a big hit.

One of the reasons why Tokyo Disney Land and Sea probably is so much fun is because all the Japanese people there are so extremley happy.
It seems like it's the best day of their life and most Japanese people would probably move there if they could!^^

Just some days ago you could see people walking around in kimonos everywhere because of the "Coming of Age"-ceremony "Sei Jin Shiki" for people turning 20 years old.

My sister's friends mom are a kimono-dresser so she got to try a kimono when she was here. 
After hours of hard work it looked like on the picture.

Some of the EGG-models that recently turned 20 is Yuunyan, Takkezou, Azusa, Riopon and Yunkoro.

Azusa and Riopon looked beautiful. 

But I think Morieda was the coolest one!


  1. I love your entries <3 I can learn about Japanese fashion ^_^

    Yesterday I was looking egg and saw a picture of you!!! *O* (my bad english u.u sorry)

    Thx for your interestin blog!!!!

  2. Wonder Rocket looks sooo cute~! I never knew about it before. Thanks for telling about it ! ^o^

  3. Wow, when I go to Japan I'm definitely going to Wonder Rocket! That's my kind of clothes! :D I've heard many good things about TDL!!