Saturday, March 31, 2012

Random Purikura #1: Odacchi

I will start showing some random Purikura which haven't been on the blog yet.

First out is Purikura with Odacchi taken at EggNam!

We got to know each other at the Double Heart parties. =)

He's a cool guy working as a host.

He often showed these photos on his blog.

I'm happy he didn't show this one though haha! :P

This was almost a year ago now. Somebody please stop time! :O

Strange Food: Shark Fin 面白い食べ物: 魚翅

When I were in Macau, China, a few years ago you could eat Shark Fin at a restaurant.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Funny Food: Floating Ice Cream 面白い食べ物: 浮動してるアイス

Amadeus had this ice cream floating in green soda at First Kitchen in Odaiba. =)


Thursday, March 29, 2012

What is She Saying? 何を言ってるの?

I've been addicted to this track called Tokyo lately, but I really wonder what she's saying in it!? English? Japanese?

最近はこの曲を何回も聞いてたけど、彼女は何を言ってるの?全然分からない。 英語? 日本語?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eating Sand in Stockholm ストックホルムで砂を食べること

Engla and me went filming for Kawaii TV International in Stockholm. They had a sandbox and golf course at the central station where we played...

Engla showed off her golf skills! ^^

Got hungry for something else than sand, so ate American Cupcakes at the shopping mall Gallerian.

I bought this hanging iPhone holder there.

A lot of people have been using them for some time in Stockholm.

Then off to the old town Gamla Stan where some street musicians were playing.

Went to Engla's favorite cafe.

Drank MER. Don't forget to check out Engla's blog here and her video blog here!

The Kawaii TV team were happy with the material. Hopefully we found enough kawaii things to film, like these pink "Dalahästar" which is a traditonal Swedish item.

Play with the Food! 食べ物と遊ぼう!

Stamps to make faces of seaweed on the rice in Japan.

Shapes to make the food into cars, boats, trains and airplanes! Who said you shouln't play with the food? ;)

When it comes to this food you can play with it, but you better not eat it. Tempura, Sushi and Mochi-looking erasers. =)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Waffle Day! ワッフルの日

This Sunday were the Waffle-day in Sweden. Here's my waffle with whip cream, berries and the new super topping nutella! :)

The waffle factory at my uncle's home.

Met some cousins there like this little fashionista with a Hello Kitty handbag and some "Angry Birds" in her hair.

The iPhone app about them is so popular now that they're making an Angry Bird amusement park in Finland, where it comes from.

Sparkling cupcakes as dessert to the waffles. Sugar overdose! ^^

Made with love! :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Engla on Kawaii TV International エングラはかわいいTVインターナショナルに出てくる

My friend Engla will be on the new Japanese TV show Kawaii International so today we will go film her in Stockholm. =)


The show will be at the club Trump Room I've been writing a lot about! Here's an English trailer.


Japanese trailer. =)


Rabbit Car ウサギの車

This car at Toyota Mega Web in Odaiba would rather be a rabbit! ^^

この車はウサギになりたい!(笑) お台場のTOYOTAメガウェブである。

It got the ears!


As well as the nose. =)


Don't forget to check out the post at this blog about the driverless car at Toyota Mega Web here.


And about the rabbit car's relative the panda plane here!

ウサギの車の関係者パンダの飛行機も面白い! 詳しくはこちら。

Saturday, March 24, 2012

3D-Vision Easter Rabbits 3Dビジョンのイースターのウサギ

The Easter is colorful! :)


Lots of sparkling eggs for all wallet sizes.

Cheaper ones at IKEA.

And more classy Fabergé eggs at the candy store Caramella at Hötorget, Stockholm.

And rabbits! Here some german "shokoladen"-rabbits.

Cozy rabbits hanging out with some pigs and a clown. Doesn't get much more "Easter" than that! ;)

Engla with some purple/pink frying pans and the Japanese accessory "UsaMimi" on her head. "UsaMimi" = Rabbit Ears

Engla: -"LOL, a guy on the train asked me if I'm a rabbit haha.

Me: -"Hahahaha... What!?  XD
-"What did you answer?"

Engla: -"Because I have UsaMimi haha."
-"I said no, it's just my style."

Me: -"Hehe good pick up line, I will try that one next time. ;)"

He should be happy he met the rabbit Engla-chan and not this one I met at Trump Room. He ain't no happy german shokoladen-rabbit...

Beware of the evil 3D-vision rabbit! ;D

The Easter is not only colorful but also very mysterious, just like the Easter Island... Or this mysterious rabbit store in Korea selling colorful wigs.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Winter Skirts 冬のスカート

Japanese girls often wear super short skirts even in the winter. With these skirts they can still keep varm.


Hot or not!? ;)


So why this obsession with short skirts? Here you see how a Japanese school girl rolls up the standard school skirt into a mini skirt.


One of the reasons is that the legs appear to be longer with the skirt pulled up, according to many interviewed high school students.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reading Your Mind 相手が考えてる事を分かるの

Now it's finally possible to read people's minds thanks to this device! :O


Well... At least when it comes to the impulses and emotional reactions that takes takes place inside one's head.


It was shown at Stockholm University to research what happens to the brain when it hears different languages.