Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Waffle Day! ワッフルの日

This Sunday were the Waffle-day in Sweden. Here's my waffle with whip cream, berries and the new super topping nutella! :)

The waffle factory at my uncle's home.

Met some cousins there like this little fashionista with a Hello Kitty handbag and some "Angry Birds" in her hair.

The iPhone app about them is so popular now that they're making an Angry Bird amusement park in Finland, where it comes from.

Sparkling cupcakes as dessert to the waffles. Sugar overdose! ^^

Made with love! :)


  1. there is a waffle-day at sweden? xD
    sounds like fun.
    The Cupcakes are awesome *___*

    1. Hahah yeah that's probably my favorite day of the year! ;)
      I wonder why super serious Sweden has a day like that!?
      There's also a day called the "Fat Tuesday" when you eat a bun called "Semla".

  2. Nutella for the win!

  3. Wow looks so yummy! I sometimes make my own XD but they don't look as good.. My godparents live in Gothenburg, haven't visited them for so long, I hope I could go this summer :)

  4. Angry birds-amusement park! Damn- I´m so proud to be a Fin :DDD

  5. you should have told us before, then i would have made waffles too *O*

  6. Angry birds amusement park. What the hell....

  7. An Angry Birds amusement park? Lol, I'm finnish and haven't heard about that before :D
    Cool...maybe all my idols will visit Finland, once we have an Angry Birds amusement park? :D

  8. Oh my gawd! This looks super delicious!