Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eating Sand in Stockholm ストックホルムで砂を食べること

Engla and me went filming for Kawaii TV International in Stockholm. They had a sandbox and golf course at the central station where we played...

Engla showed off her golf skills! ^^

Got hungry for something else than sand, so ate American Cupcakes at the shopping mall Gallerian.

I bought this hanging iPhone holder there.

A lot of people have been using them for some time in Stockholm.

Then off to the old town Gamla Stan where some street musicians were playing.

Went to Engla's favorite cafe.

Drank MER. Don't forget to check out Engla's blog here and her video blog here!

The Kawaii TV team were happy with the material. Hopefully we found enough kawaii things to film, like these pink "Dalahästar" which is a traditonal Swedish item.


  1. the iPhone holder is awesome x3

  2. Omg one week, and i will be in Stockholm! your posts are really helpful, i want to find the pink "Dalahästar" so badly now. i thought they only came in traditional blue, and red colours.

  3. Ååh mitt favoritcafé också ^^

  4. OOOH where did you buy that yamanotesen shirt ? going to tokyo next summer and i want one too if possible haha !

    1. Cool that you noticed it! =)
      I bought it at one of the small stores at Takeshita Street in Harajuku, can't remember which one though. =/
      But it was a store where they had a lot of shirts and towels etc with Japanese signs and motives, which is actually pretty rare in Japan.

  5. Wow, you have just as much fun there, as you did in Japan! Jealous! Also, I've never seen cupcakes like that, here in america! :o