Saturday, July 30, 2011

Funny Moments #18 Lizard Circus

There's a man in Korea Town where I live who walks around with a big lizard on his back. :O

Once in a while he stops by and let people pet the lizard.

When children started playing with it, the police said he had to move the lizard circus somewhere else.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bazu - The Transformer

After randomly meeting a friend from the last Egg-party we ended up with this cool group of fantasy creatures! =)

First met up with Manuela from Italy and went to EggNam to take Purikura.

This girl in the middle named Bazu were taking Purikura and getting herself ready for a party there.

I recognized her from the last Egg-party. She is sometimes in the magazines Egg and KERA. Her style is called "White-Manba".

Here's an example of what a regular Manba looks like. Everything but white.

I heard from her friend that she had to remove all her make-up before going in to Disneyland, otherwhise "she could have got mixed up with the Disney-characters". :D

From the back. There's very few manba now compared to before, kinda sad since they used to make Shibuya even more colorful.

Since Manba is so rare nowadays, the few ones that's around are pretty famous. Me and Jenni met the manba Alba Rosa here. More pictures of her here. Thanks to SähläriSiri for the link.

Maybe the Manba hype will be reborn as white?

Bazu were meeting her party-crew later but had time to take some Purikura together before. 

Manuela aka Manu editing afterwards.

I was chocked when I saw one of Manu's friends. Bazu and her must be two of the most crazy and cool people I've seen in Japan.

All kinds of people came to take Purikura before going to the party Tokyo Decadence in J-Pop café. Bazu borrowed "Hawaiian necklaces" to me and Manu to make us fit in. ;)

Manuela and me sadly couldn't go to the party but you can see pictures of it at Bazu's blog BAZOOKISTAN here. :)

The left picture shows Bazu before her transformation to a white manba. Transformers 3 has premiere in Japan on Friday but they're already among us. ;)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Funny Moments #17 The Eyeglass Rapper

This guy standing outside a eyeglass store in Shinjuku boosts the sales through his rapping:


Maybe he should team up with these dancers in front of Shinjuku station.

Funny Moments #16 You Can Trust Us

If anybody would hesitate on gamble on Pachinko in Japan, there's a huge sign which guarantee "Everything is gonna be fine". ;D

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Black Noir Night

The dress code was black at Trump House yesterday.

We were first going to the club Trump Room where there was some car party tonight.

Met these people that took us to the new sister club of Trump Room called Trump House. The guy to the left are studying English and were happy to use it.

Amazing decor at Trump House, just like Trump Room.

Funny bartender too! :)

Trump House is smaller than Trump Room but the atmosphere might be even better. Nice people and great music. We had so much fun there! ^^

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Funny Moments #15 Shirts on the Wall

You can often see pictures of clothes as promotion.

But in Shinjuku station they actually put up real shirts directly on the wall.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Dance Groove 2011

Last weekend the biggest gyaru circle event of the year called Dance Groove took place in Club Flower.

Went there with Rika.

Ashley and Shiena(in the picture) were two of the organizers.

Just as promised there was a lot of groovy dance. :D

Met Amber, Heather and Diane in the crowd.

In one corner of the club they had gold fishes and a lottery box!

I won hairspray again. Maybe there's some justice in this world after all! ;D

Para Para dance in the end.

Thanks for a fun event! =)

Flight to Okinawa booked! ^^

Just booked a flight to visit Yulia in her new home Okinawa. =)

People in Okinawa has the longest life expectancy in the world. Maybe one of the reasons is that it's so beatiful! ^^

Haven't met Yulia since the winter. Here at Venus Fort in Odaiba. (Sliced in half by the camera) 

In Hello Kitty's Pink Paradise.

My only worry is that they might not have Purikura in Okinawa. ;D