Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Swedish Christmas feat Japanese Kids

Japanese kids came to eat Swedish candy like "Daim" and "Bilar" at Christmas in IKEA.

The Swedish furniture store IKEA is all over the world and very popular in Japan.

It originally came from a place in Sweden called "Småland" which is written on the sticker the kid got. So cute!

They had a Christmas event for Japanese families with a Swedish Santa Claus giving all the kids funny hats.

This kid documented it all! ^^

Afterwards they could bring traditional Swedish Christmas food home as well. Not this big gingerbread house though. ;)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We're on TV Tonight? 今夜またテレビに出るかなぁ?

Tonight me and Said might be on Japanese TV talking about Japanese that sounds like Swedish. Time: 9pm. Channel: Nihon Terebi


We got interviewed by the TV-channel Nihon Terebi when we were taking photos of cool people in Shibuya for TokyoFaces.com


Tonight's show is called Nepu & Imoto's World Ranking. They rank countries on different topics and then listen to what people from those countries has to say about the results.


Last time I watched this show they ranked the countries where women are strongest in society. Sweden ranked in as number one followed by Norway and America. Japan were on 41st place.


They talked with Sahel Rosa which I've met before about women in Persia which came on 18th place.


You can read about when I talked with her here.


In Egypt, the last country on the list, it made big news when a man had said "I'm sorry" to a woman.



The comidian duo Harisenbon that interviewed me here about my room were also on the show. They went to South Korea, the country which performs most plastic surgery in the world.

More interesting rankings and facts about the world tonight! Hopefully Said, me and Harisenbon will all be on TV again! :)

Channel: Nihon Terebi
Air Time: 9pm


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Funny Moments #25 Baby Toilet 赤ちゃん用トイレ

This bathroom in South Korea had a special toilet for kids. =) 

ソウルのお手洗いで子供のために特別なトイレがあった。(^ _ ^)

Next to the store LUSH in Myong-dong they had a bathtub out in the street by the way. To show off their bath products I guess.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

iPrayers in Seoul ソウルのi祈り

When I arrived in South Korea, Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs had just passed away.


At a gathering in remembrance of him in the capital Seoul, this man were praying to an image of him.


Apple's iPhone is everywhere, specially in South Korea. I've never seen as much smart phones as there.


He will definitely be missed by people all over the world.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Funny Moments #24 Zzz...

Lately I've been just as tired as this guy on the subway. So many tests to take, and decisions to make. Gotta wake up!