Monday, October 17, 2011

Street Snap of the Day #41

Saw this man running around in Shinjuku from far away. =)

When I asked for a photo he wanted to put on his tiger mask first.

Transformed into a tiger he did thumbs up for photo and continued his run in the concrete jungle. ^^

Funny Moments #23 Face Plants

I always thought that a "face plant" is when you fall and land on your face, but then I saw these face plants in Shibuya. ;)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

South Korea Street Snap

I just came back from some days in Seoul, South Korea.

I lived in Hong-Dae in Seoul, which is kinda like Japan's Harajuku or Shibuya. Met this guy at a market there.

Even though he was so colorful he wanted to show me a photo of himself in black and white for some reason.

Street Snap of the Day #40

In Kabukichou, Shinjuku.

They were handing out flyers for a Halloween Visual Kei-event. Just noticed that the the guy to the right got a gun...

You can see in the streets that there's soon Halloween in Tokyo.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Laughed at by Millions on TV ;)

One week ago I became known in TV as a "Charai"(Playboy) who buys crazy hats for my countries money...

Here's how it happened:

Since there's no English subtitles I will try to explain and translate the show.

My guest house had been choosen to be on a show about people that's poor but still happy. It was the most watched show on TV that night in Japan.

Here's two of the poor girls. Pretty funny that those two are considered poor in Japan...

As in many Japanese TV-shows a panel of famous people are watching and discussing everything that is shown.

While you're watching you can randomly see the famous people's reactions in the box in the upper left corner.

Here's the translation of my clip:

The famous comedian duo Haruna and Haruka has come to our guest house and says:

-"I would like to see who else is living here."

That turns out to be a "23 year old international student from Sweden" named Fredrik...

They come into my room and goes:

-"It's really clean!" (Before the TV-show it was really dirty)

-"Oh you have Japanese magazines."

-"A Playboy bible!?"

Haruna and Haruka: -"Are you a player!?"

Me: -"I'm not a player."

Haruna: -"You take pretty much Purikura... Is that your girlfriend?"

Me: -"No, she's a friend."



Haruna: -"What's this?"

Me: -"A hat..."

Haruna: -"How much did it cost?"


Me: -"About 8000 Yen."

Haruna: -"Are you working now?"

 Me: -"No I get money from the Swedish gouvernment". (Loans mostly)

Haruna: -"Ah like a scholarship."

"-I can't believe this is what you're using Sweden's money for!"

Then some of the people in the studio laugh so much that they almost fall of their chairs.

Here's a longer version of the TV-show I'm in with a part from the studio and more info about my guest house:


14,5% of every household with a TV in Japan watched this show. Feels crazy  to think that more than 10 million people might have seen it.

It's been strange to be recognized in the streets and read people's comments about you in internet forums.

Thank you all so much for watching and recording this. I can't believe how nice everybody's been! ^^

TGS Merchandise

They're not only showing games, but also selling game-related stuff at Tokyo Game Show.

Like these paper-characters.


Or game controller buttons, in case you miss any or played too much. ;)

Very dedicated staff in the stores! ^^


Animalistic PSP-cases...


...promoted by animalistic girls. ;)

Evangelion-hairclips to look like the girl with blue hair.

And of course a lot of Super Mario-merchanise. =)