Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shibuya Now!!! 渋谷なう!!!

When you put "Nau" after a place name in Gyaru language, it means you are there right now. So for example "New York Nau" = means "I'm in New York right now". "Shibuya Nau"="I'm in Shibuya right now".

Tonight I went to Shibuya with Jenni(in hat), Kenichi(right) and Yukino, who me and Jenni met at Men's Egg Night.
Yukino has been living in Canada for a year so she speaks some english and is very nice. She's also obsessed with Egg models just like me and Jenni... :P

Shirt and scarf from Daisy in Shibuya 109-2.
Jacket from Rhydeal, also in 109-2. I guess Shibuya 109-2 is my wardrobe... ;D

First we met the Egg model Genpon in front of Hachiko and he brought us to his Izakaya. He said I'm allways in Shibuya and I guess he's right...
I'm starting to recognize people everywhere, even though it's one of the most populated places in the world.

How is that possible?? I mean, I don't recognize anybody in my small hometown in Sweden for example!

Then we took some Purikura at the most popular Purikura machine right now called "Bambi Purikura".

My personal favorite Purikura is the "Look like a half-Purikura" which makes Japanese people look like they're only half Japanese.
It makes foreigners like me look like we're aliens!^^

Something good about the Bambi-Purikura was that you both get half- and whole-body photos taken.

On this picture it says:
"Minna NakaYoshi Da Yo"
which means that we all are good friends.

"in Sentaa Gai". Sentaa Gai is the main street of Shibuya. The central street.

Then Lloyd from England joined and we went to the cheapest Karaoke place in Tokyo that was kinda smelly but we got used to it! ;D

Yukino had just been to a job interview for the stor d.i.a in Shibuya 109 and found out that she got the job!!^^ So now Jenni and Yukino work in the same building! =)

When I came home I had a friend request on Mixi from one of the guys I met at the Double Heart party this Saturday.
When I accepted the friend request he instantly wrote a Status Update saying "Im friend with Rikku now!".

It's like if somebody would write on Facebook: "Hey everybody, I just became friend with Joe!!" ;D Then I got requests from his friends saying "Oh I like Shibuya style too! Please become my friend too!"

Japanese people can have a lot of prejudice and be very afraid of talking to foreigners, but a lot of people start thinking I'm half Japanese just because I have a more Japanese style now. It's all kind of strange, and doesn't really make sense. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Playing Games with Egg Models エッグモデルとゲームする

Somehow I ended up playing strange games with 5 Egg models in Seven Eleven...
How did this happen!? :O

I think I spent 5 hours today on hair styling and choosing outfit...
Welcome to the life of a Gyaru!! XD

I had made an appointment to meet 20 people that were also going to the Double Heart party
and I managed to come about 1 hour late... My phone kept ringing: "Where are you!?" :/
I'm allways late... allways!!! Sorry! >_<

Finally we all met in front of ALTA in Shinjuku. Wow, what a cool group of people!! =D People from Sweden, Finland, Singapore, England, Korea and Japan. This was going to be an awesome night!! =D

Now we were on a mission to get to the club Morph in Roppongi where the Double Heart party is once every month. It was easier said than done though!!
We started of by walking around in circles in Shinjuku station...

After a while we managed to get to Roppongi and met these people when we came up from the station. They didn't know what party they were going to because they were invited by a friend.

But I could tell them that they were definitley going to Double Heart, since that's the only Gyaru club in Roppongi. 
Just saw in the latest Egg magazine that the guy with hat is a model.

When I was going to enter the club I hear some people shout "Rikku!"
And who is it if not Shouya and Bataason! ;D They were having some kind of Pre-Party at the local Seven Eleven and told me that Naokyun is inside.

I like this picture because it's Manga-characters both in the background AND foreground!! ;D I mean, it looks like Shouya and Bataason just stepped out of one of the Manga-magazines in Seven Eleven...

Like Shouya said, Naokyun and also his friend Akipuu was there. Akipuu was having his birthday party there tonight so I guess he was the one who invited the people we just met.
If you look closely in the window you can see me taking the picture! XD

And then we have Naokyun to the right who seems to have become crazy from the fame...

Recently he posted this "Status Update" on Mixi(Japan's Facebook).
He wrote 6 dots: "......" ONLY and after some minutes lots of girls had replied things like: "Is everything ok!?" and "Is something wrong???".
When you're famous in Japan I guess you can say or write anything... ;D

I wanna do a blog entry just like Naokyun sometime hahah... XD

Today Naokyun writes in his blog that he has become an idiot.

He writes about his High School memories and wishes that he could go back to that time but that it's impossible.

The photo to the right shows Naokyun in his High School years with some friends doing the Michael Jackson peace sign.

To the left you see Naokyun together with the train "Thomas the Tank Engine".

This was at the time you could still have a normal conversation with him.

About 3 months later everything is changed.
Things happens too fast in Tokyo.

This is me and Naokyun today. When I start talking with him he repeats everything I say. Then he goes:

-"Rikku, rikku!! You're jeans zipper is open!"

Me: -"When somebodie's zipper is open in sweden we start counting like this
one... two... three... until it's closed. (Naokyun don't really understand and comes to think about a common Japanese game)

Naokyun: -"Ahh!!! LET'S PLAY A GAME!!!"


The game goes like this:
Everybody holds out their hands closed and one person at a time says a number.
At the exact time when the person says the number, people randomly put up one or two thumbs. If the number you said match all the peoples stretched out thumbs, you win. If not, you loose.

When you win you can remove one of your hands and when both hands are gone you're the total winner.
I loosed all the time, but we didn't play with any punishment so that's ok!!^^ 

To the left you see Recchi who is a model, staff at the store SBY in Shibuya 109, staff at Double Heart and leader for EGG Youth TV.
Before I had this hair cut she didn't really care about me but now all of a sudden she wants to become my friend. The Gyaru world is a lot like that - Extremley Superficial.

Recchi in new EGG Youth TV.


Recchi as a bumble bee at the last Double Heart halloween event.

Here is a video from the last Double Heart event:

Genpon was also inside the club. The model that invited us to Izakaya in Shibuya if you remember.

Shun, who invited us to the club, was nice as allways!^^
He was back together with his girl from Liz Liza in Shibuya 109.

Me: -"Oh nice. Why do you break up and get back together again?"

Shun: -"Ah... Troubles happens hahah!"

Me: -"I heard about your Agepoyo-team!!

Shun: -"Hahahah... Team Pegasus...!!" (In picture to the right)

Me: -"So the rule is to do something Agepoyo-ish every day!??"

Shun: "Yes that was the rule, but the team is over now".

Me: Why?

Shun: "Ah...Troubles happens hahaha..."

And then I kinda die from laughing! XD

Shouya goes to a Fashion School and made debut in EGG this week.
He allways has super cool hair!! (He's also the guy on my blog banner)

Me, Shouya, Jim from Sweden and Bataason.

With Muezz and two random Club kids.^^

Akipuu, Shouya, Bataason, Genpon and me. Shouya soo happy! :)

Naokyun and the two finnish people from Atom joined into this picture! :D

Two times when I was talking with somebody, Naokyun runs up and tap me on my shoulder and then try to disappear.
Maybe it sounds a bit strange, but it's very normal gyaru behaviour.
The youth model Akiina did the same thing in the EGG Youth Party.

People keep borrowing my glasses I bought at Tutuha in Shibuya 109.
Just a matter of time before I loose them... :/

Me and Anica from school.
We allways have so much fun talking about how strange gyarus are... ;D

Suddenly it was 6 o clock in the morning and the party was over... :(
Wow, crazy how fast time pass by when you have fun! What if I lived in that club!?
Then my whole life would feel like a day or something! ;D

On my way home I saw Shouya and Bataason running around outside trying to find a lost Naokyun...
Something tells me that this is not the last we hear about that guy!! XD

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Street Snap of the Day 今日のストリートスナップ #7

Met this Italian model/actor named Shou Sera outside the club Trump Room
in Shibuya. He is starring in a Japanese drama.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Party @ Yuunyan's ゆうにゃんのパーティー

Last time I visited the store Daisy in Shibuya 109-2 Yuunyan on this picture
invited me to his special party at club Atom tonight.

I got very suprised when he invited me, because he's one of the most popular
Men's Egg Youth models right now.

Me and Jenny, who loves Yuunyan's best friend Masshu,
had been looking forward to this party for a week, so we went a little bit crazy before the party as you can see... :/

We warmed up by taking our regular walk in Shibuya 109-2. First a short visit to Daisy where we talked with Yuunyan about tonight's party, then we headed off to Vice Fairy.

In Vice Fairy, the guy to the right works... Shougo. I start laughing just by seeing him!! He really looks like a Disney or video game character I think.=D
And he acts just like one...

One time when I met him at Atom I asked him:

-"Genki??" (How are you?)

Shougo: -"Berri berri guddo!!!"

Translation: "Very very good!!!"

I challenge you to try to look more happy than Shougo deos on this picture... ;D

Anyway, he said that Kanako Kawabata, will probably come to the Double Heart party this saturday!!

Together with Kanako(in the middle) at the last Men's Egg Youth Party. Kanako Kawabata is probably the most popular Gyaru-girl right now. "Flash Back Blog-Entry" about that party later! :)

Then we took a final stop at Ryoma(left) and Shun's(right) shop MAYHEM.
Shun is the guy that introduced me to the club event Double Heart. First time I met him was at a Shibuya 109 fashion show in Odaiba.  

He said he had a Swedish teacher in High School. But the next time I met him he thought I was from Iceland... So I don't really know about that. :D

Shun and Ryoma are allways so nice!! Last time I got half price on the blue bracelet I'm wearing on this picture with my "Ice-outfit".

And this time I said I had no money but wanted a ring so they gave one to
me for free... :D That's what I call good customer service!!^^

Then it was time for tonights party!! Sofia from my school joined us!!^^
Yuunyan had told us to tell the security that we're his guests to get the guest ticket. Feels soo VIP and special... ;D Both me and Jenny were really hoping that Masshu would also come... Btw can you find something wrong with the picture?? ;) Something is upside down!! :=O

You also got a CD signed by Yuunyan with the music from Atom.

If you want to know what the music at gyaru clubs sounds like, here's an example video.

For the ultimate blog experience, listen to this song while reading! ;D

They allways play this song once at Atom and Double Heart.
Everybody goes crazy when it comes on!!!

When we came inside I met Satomi which must be one of the most frequent visitors to Atom... she's allways here so of course tonight was no exception!

Then some girls wanted to talk with us in the women's bathroom...

But the big question was: Where is Masshu!!?? We talked with Kenty aka Goblin(middle) who said he was at home sleeping!! :O Sagepoyo!! ;D

With cool Kentaro!

One of Yuunyan's friends, famous Men's EGG Youth model, Chiibo in the middle.

Chiibo(left) and Takkezou(right) in Men's EGG Youth with a completely different hair color! =D

Hahaha... my hair really looks like crap on these pictures but seems like everybody wanna be your best friend when you have a Japanese hair style...
...or at least try to have one! ;D

Met two nice finnish girls that were here on vacation
and we took some Purikura in the machine inside Atom.

They wanted to come to Double Heart tomorrow but I lost their number... :/
If somebody know who these finnish people are, send me a message so they
can join us!! :)

Finnish people are allways so nice!!^^
*Flirting with the Finnish Blog readers* ;D

Yuunyan was really cool and bought us drinks. I hope he invites us again!!

Two of Yuunyan and Chiibo's friends that constantly wanted to do High Fives. Fun for a while I guess... ;)

When we came out to the lockers it was girls sitting all over the floor hugging each other...

Since I'm the world's worst dancer I'm happy Japanese clubs are only about wearing the right brands, having tons of vax in your hair and looking as much as a girl as possible! XD

After the party we went to a free club called Gas Panic but it seemed really boring there so we decided to try meet some random fun people on the street! :D

It went pretty well!
The first people we talked to had seen us on the party and were really friendly and fun!!

So we went to take some Purikura. Actually they had some kind of tradition to play "Stone, Paper, Scissor" about who was gonna pay for everything!

Free Purikura = Fun Purikura!

Then I got a mail from the EGG Youth model Morieda aka Moorii that he had just been to the EGG office and seen that I will be in the the next magazine.^^ Been reading the magazine for about 3,5 years now so that was a nice suprise!! Yay, happy!! =D 

It's a snap taken at the Men's Egg Youth Party.

The text to the left of me reads:

I remember that the guy with the pink shirt underneath me kept kept claiming he was from Kenya even though he looked Japanese...

The guy next to him has a popular blog.
Morieda who sent me the Message with the EGG snap is the guy to the right on this picture. Masshu is to the left. The picture was taken about a year ago when they both worked in CRAZE and I had recently come to Japan.
A lot can happen in one year... don't you think??
Even though Morieda is the person with most friends on Mixi and work almost 24/7, he allways reply so fast all my messages. Agepoyo!! Love him!!^^

We ended up at McDonalds waiting for the morning train.
When Jenny is not working in Shibuya 109 she goes to a Manga school.

She showed me some of her sketches. The guy she drawn is probably Masshu...
We're both so heart broken that he didn't come tonight!! :(

But life is good!!!!^^ 

Did I hear somebody say Agepoyo...??