Monday, November 29, 2010

Playing Games with Egg Models エッグモデルとゲームする

Somehow I ended up playing strange games with 5 Egg models in Seven Eleven...
How did this happen!? :O

I think I spent 5 hours today on hair styling and choosing outfit...
Welcome to the life of a Gyaru!! XD

I had made an appointment to meet 20 people that were also going to the Double Heart party
and I managed to come about 1 hour late... My phone kept ringing: "Where are you!?" :/
I'm allways late... allways!!! Sorry! >_<

Finally we all met in front of ALTA in Shinjuku. Wow, what a cool group of people!! =D People from Sweden, Finland, Singapore, England, Korea and Japan. This was going to be an awesome night!! =D

Now we were on a mission to get to the club Morph in Roppongi where the Double Heart party is once every month. It was easier said than done though!!
We started of by walking around in circles in Shinjuku station...

After a while we managed to get to Roppongi and met these people when we came up from the station. They didn't know what party they were going to because they were invited by a friend.

But I could tell them that they were definitley going to Double Heart, since that's the only Gyaru club in Roppongi. 
Just saw in the latest Egg magazine that the guy with hat is a model.

When I was going to enter the club I hear some people shout "Rikku!"
And who is it if not Shouya and Bataason! ;D They were having some kind of Pre-Party at the local Seven Eleven and told me that Naokyun is inside.

I like this picture because it's Manga-characters both in the background AND foreground!! ;D I mean, it looks like Shouya and Bataason just stepped out of one of the Manga-magazines in Seven Eleven...

Like Shouya said, Naokyun and also his friend Akipuu was there. Akipuu was having his birthday party there tonight so I guess he was the one who invited the people we just met.
If you look closely in the window you can see me taking the picture! XD

And then we have Naokyun to the right who seems to have become crazy from the fame...

Recently he posted this "Status Update" on Mixi(Japan's Facebook).
He wrote 6 dots: "......" ONLY and after some minutes lots of girls had replied things like: "Is everything ok!?" and "Is something wrong???".
When you're famous in Japan I guess you can say or write anything... ;D

I wanna do a blog entry just like Naokyun sometime hahah... XD

Today Naokyun writes in his blog that he has become an idiot.

He writes about his High School memories and wishes that he could go back to that time but that it's impossible.

The photo to the right shows Naokyun in his High School years with some friends doing the Michael Jackson peace sign.

To the left you see Naokyun together with the train "Thomas the Tank Engine".

This was at the time you could still have a normal conversation with him.

About 3 months later everything is changed.
Things happens too fast in Tokyo.

This is me and Naokyun today. When I start talking with him he repeats everything I say. Then he goes:

-"Rikku, rikku!! You're jeans zipper is open!"

Me: -"When somebodie's zipper is open in sweden we start counting like this
one... two... three... until it's closed. (Naokyun don't really understand and comes to think about a common Japanese game)

Naokyun: -"Ahh!!! LET'S PLAY A GAME!!!"


The game goes like this:
Everybody holds out their hands closed and one person at a time says a number.
At the exact time when the person says the number, people randomly put up one or two thumbs. If the number you said match all the peoples stretched out thumbs, you win. If not, you loose.

When you win you can remove one of your hands and when both hands are gone you're the total winner.
I loosed all the time, but we didn't play with any punishment so that's ok!!^^ 

To the left you see Recchi who is a model, staff at the store SBY in Shibuya 109, staff at Double Heart and leader for EGG Youth TV.
Before I had this hair cut she didn't really care about me but now all of a sudden she wants to become my friend. The Gyaru world is a lot like that - Extremley Superficial.

Recchi in new EGG Youth TV.


Recchi as a bumble bee at the last Double Heart halloween event.

Here is a video from the last Double Heart event:

Genpon was also inside the club. The model that invited us to Izakaya in Shibuya if you remember.

Shun, who invited us to the club, was nice as allways!^^
He was back together with his girl from Liz Liza in Shibuya 109.

Me: -"Oh nice. Why do you break up and get back together again?"

Shun: -"Ah... Troubles happens hahah!"

Me: -"I heard about your Agepoyo-team!!

Shun: -"Hahahah... Team Pegasus...!!" (In picture to the right)

Me: -"So the rule is to do something Agepoyo-ish every day!??"

Shun: "Yes that was the rule, but the team is over now".

Me: Why?

Shun: "Ah...Troubles happens hahaha..."

And then I kinda die from laughing! XD

Shouya goes to a Fashion School and made debut in EGG this week.
He allways has super cool hair!! (He's also the guy on my blog banner)

Me, Shouya, Jim from Sweden and Bataason.

With Muezz and two random Club kids.^^

Akipuu, Shouya, Bataason, Genpon and me. Shouya soo happy! :)

Naokyun and the two finnish people from Atom joined into this picture! :D

Two times when I was talking with somebody, Naokyun runs up and tap me on my shoulder and then try to disappear.
Maybe it sounds a bit strange, but it's very normal gyaru behaviour.
The youth model Akiina did the same thing in the EGG Youth Party.

People keep borrowing my glasses I bought at Tutuha in Shibuya 109.
Just a matter of time before I loose them... :/

Me and Anica from school.
We allways have so much fun talking about how strange gyarus are... ;D

Suddenly it was 6 o clock in the morning and the party was over... :(
Wow, crazy how fast time pass by when you have fun! What if I lived in that club!?
Then my whole life would feel like a day or something! ;D

On my way home I saw Shouya and Bataason running around outside trying to find a lost Naokyun...
Something tells me that this is not the last we hear about that guy!! XD


  1. what a wonderful night you had!! I'd like to go party with you!! xD It must be so funny!!!!
    How can you meet so many models?? You're so lucky!!!!!

  2. i love reading your blog!!!!;[ this inspires me more to never give up on my dream and go back to jp(my parents force me to study here in LA T_T) & continue gal style!^__^ <333 AGEPOYO~~!

  3. sounds very fun!!! アゲぽよ~~

  4. Does people have to show their ID before entering a club in japan? do they in double heart? could you please giver a link to egg youth TV because google wont show me any? Ö__Ö
    btw: I looove your blog!

  5. wow!! your soo lucky ne D: How is japan..?

  6. I'm so glad I found your blog... it's so much fun to read it! :D

    And... now my comment as a never-had-a-bf-and-rather-adores-guys-from-the-internet-girl: There are so many good-looking guys in your blog!! DAMN! XDDD

    ok, enough of that.. (=w=) hehehe~

    Ah, I wondered in which way Naokyun is famous? Is he an egg magazine model?
    I only "read" some j-maggs for girls online (which is already tiring..), so I don't know about the men's egg and so on.. :'D

    Well...Seems like you're having a lot of fun over there! ちょうアゲぽよで~す!!! Haha

    And thank you for the websites again!

    (I write too much..*sigh*..)

  7. "Before I had this hair cut she didn't really care about me but now all of a sudden she wants to become my friend."

    ^that's how it is, huh... not really a laughing matter if to think about it seriously >_>;;;.
    kinda hate to admit it, but her bumble bee costume is awesome!

    anyways... everyone, on the photos, is having so much fun~
    does Shouya always wear contact lenses? it suits him. also, dunno why, but I find Naokyun's style kinda interesting, especially in the day when you had this party. I was wondering if there are many people who dress like this?

    and, honestly, I also would have loved to try on your glasses. so anime-like/manga-like :D.

    another thing I've been wondering about... what is the average age? I mean, how old are the people you hang out with or the people on the photos? sorry, hope this question wont sound creepy or something >_<;. just wondering how much I can relate to this, age-wise.

    have a great week! and thank you for the wonderful post :)

  8. Nenacho:
    Yeah let's go party together!!^^
    There's allways lots of models at the Double Heart event so it's impossible not to meet them. :) But they usually hang out in the same places(Center street in Shibuya, Atom, Shibuya 109 and Double Heart) so they aren't very hard to find.
    If you have them on Mixi them usually make status updates about when they are in Shibuya for example.

    Anonymous 1:
    I'm happy that this blog gives you inspiration!^^
    But please don't think that everything is going to be perfect just because you come to Japan, or that all GALs are nice people. Because then you might be disappointed.

    I mean I thought it was going to be like that so I was really disappointed for a while.
    But you can have a very fun life in Tokyo, that's for sure!!^^
    And even if not everybody is nice, there is people who are.

    I think it's good that your parents encourage you study because without any education you might have to take a bad payed boring job.
    If you have a education when you come to Japan, you're chances are bigger that you will get a nice job here etc.

    Anonymous 2:
    Thank you!!!^^

    The age limit for drinking/going clubs in Japan is 20 years. I do not encourage anybody below that age to drink in Japan, since it's not legal.

    You allways have to show your ID at clubs( Double Heart too) in Japan but some clubs will let you in even if you are a bit younger, some will not.

    Most people that comes to Double Heart are guests invited by someone, so maybe they are not as strict with the 20 year old limit if you are invited. Maybe you can enter without being invited though.

    About Egg Youth TV:
    Egg Youth TV has not started yet what I know of.
    I think that's a project under devolopment right now but I'm not sure.
    Just saw the article in the latest issue of Men's Egg Youth.

    But Men's Egg TV can be found here:
    (Some episodes contain dirty words and sketches)

    However, when Egg Youth TV starts, it will probably be available at the official Egg homepage which is:

    Yes it's hard to search for Japanese web sites etc. You usually have to use Japanese characters when you do it, and some blogs and sites can only be accessed from Japanese cell phones with the Japanese mobile internet.

    EMi MARiE:
    Thank you for thinking so!! =)
    Japan is great!! It feels more and more fun,
    the more Japanese you learn and get to know new intresting people.
    I have to admit it felt hard sometimes too though.

    It's sooo different from any other country I've been to, in both bad and good ways.

  9. Yukimi:
    Thank you for saying that!!^^
    It's so cool that you actually think its fun to read it! That really makes me wanna continue with this blog!=)

    I don't believe that you never had a boy friend but cool that you think there is some Ikemen(good looking man in Japanese) in this blog!:)

    Ah, what J-mags do you read??
    Yes Naokyun is famous for being an Men's Egg Youth model and he also have a popular blog that can be found here:

    If you think the size and lay out of the blog looks pretty strange it's because it's in Japanese mobile internet format.
    Most gyarus just use their cell phones to read blogs actually.

    I don't know how much Japanese you know, but since it's entireley in Japanese, feel free to ask questions about how the blog works!

    Yeah I'm having a lot of fun now actually!
    It has been hard sometimes living in Tokyo but there is moments when it's so cool that it feels like a dream.

    Cool that you can write in Japanese!!^^

    No problem!!
    No you don't write to much, write and ask as much as you want! It's superfun with comments and questions! =D

    I totally agree that it's not a laughing matter and it's scary how so many people can be so superficial in this world.

    And yes, her bumble bee costume is probably one of the coolest outfits I've seen...
    Love the pink blinking bow in her hair!!

    Yeah I think most people actually were having a lot of fun, it's usually a really good atmosphere at the Double Heart parties.

    Everytime I've seen Shouya he has been wearing contact lenses. I think it suits him too, but when I see Japanese people that often wear color contact lenses without them, I think they look better because it looks more natural.

    There is also a lot of cautions about wearing color contact lensen. Know some people that had to go to hospital because of wearing them.

    I think Naokyun's style is very intresting too. Seems like he put a lot of thought into every outfit he wears, even though he probably want to make it look like he doesn't care.

    There is a people that dress like him, even though I think his style is a bit unique sometimes.

    I loove those glasses!! Even though I only wear them to parties. And I got a lot of good reactions from people when I been wearing them.
    Exactly, they are soo anime/manga like.
    And it somtimes seems like the Japanese people want to look like Anime-characters so I guess that's why they're so popular.
    My friend Leon got three pairs by the way! XD

    Ah that's a very good question!
    Most people I hang out with are between 18 to 25 years old.
    I think the oldest famous Gyaru-O Ume-shan is 26 years old but there is no age limit.

    Thank you very much and have a great week you too!!!

    Sorry for late answers everybody! :/

  10. ah, *sighs* after "it's scary how so many people can be so superficial", which I regarded, here, to Japanese... made me kinda scared to go to Japan.

    I also heard about cautions about wearing color contact lenses, so... well, it's better to be careful. eyes are so sensitive.

    your friend Leon is awesome, especially if he still has ALL 3 pairs.

    thank you for answering my questions! ^^

    good luck with your studies and have a great time :D

    *off to watch Men's Egg TV* (^_^)v

  11. silk:

    Ah, I meant in the world overall, not in particular Japanese people.
    Everywhere I've been in the world it has been both nice and not nice people.

    I really don't think you should be scared to go to Japan. Just don't have expections that everybody is going to love you just because you are a foreigner as many people do, if you understand what I mean.

    I guess the thing is that most Japanese people feel very uncomfortable speaking English, so I really encourage anybody that goes to Japan to study as much Japanese as possible before or while they're in Japan.

    How much fun you are going to have in Japan depends a lot on how much Japanese you can speak I think.
    Being humble and a good listener is also important I think, since many Japanese people seems to appreciate that.

    Hahah, yeah Leon is indeed awesome..! =D
    I'm going to do a blog entry about his room and wardrobe later which turned out to be very intresting hahah.^^

    Thank you soo much for asking reading, commenting and asking questions!! =)
    I will do my best with the studies and having a great time!!^^ I hope you will have fun too!!

    I hope to be able to take out some high lights from Men's Egg TV and put subtitles to them and upload here later.

    Here are some links to other videos with Gyaru models that I found intresting/fun:

    Two videos with "The princess" and her crew intwrviewing Kanako Kawabata and other famous gyaru:

    A strange competition about reading cell phone manga between lots of famous Egg, Ageha and Ranzuki models:

  12. a post about Leon's room and wardrobe would be awesome indeed. i'm looking forward to read it ^^

    thank you for the links :D!

    and yeah, I will calm down myself and try not to be afraid to go to Japan *.*. agepoyo!~