Saturday, November 20, 2010

Street Snap of the Day 今日のストリートスナップ #4

I was going to meet some people in front of Studio ALTA in Shinjuku
when we saw this girl walking around in circles, looking very scared of the world.

She didn't say anything when I asked her about taking a picture. Just nodded her head to show it was ok. Then she continued to walk in circles again...

When I meet this kind of special people, I feel like watching a movie about their life. Somebody please make that movie now, or I will have to do it!! ;D

The Studio ALTA area on the picture. ALTA is, together with Hachiko I mentioned in the last blog entry, the most common meeting point in Tokyo.

ALTA is very close to Shinjuku station which is the world's most populated train station! It has lots of department centers, restaurants, way too many train- and subway lines and a singing icecream bar!! You could seriously spend years only in this station without getting bored... 

On the picture is my english friend Kristian, who used to work as a Host, and his girlfriend. Now he works as a English teacher and also in a "Butler-Cafe".

To the right, a small part of the gigantic Shinjuku station. 
Every day 3 398 006 people walk inside this station!!!! That's almost 3,4 million people!!!! :O
I know it's a lot of people there, but I didn't know it was that many before I checked Wikipedia today...

The picture on the building comes from one of the most popular Anime series in Japan ever. Neon Genesis Evangelion.

It is known for making you crazy, if you watch it too much. :/

Just watch the Opening Song from it, and you will understand why :P

Don't watch it too much!! One time is Agepoyo↑ ↑, but more than that is Sagepoyo!!↓↓


  1. That girl is really cute, I like her fur hat hehe!

    Shinjuku station scares me, I hate going through there ><

  2. That girl is so cute (・ω・)/♥
    I want a hat like that too (☆ω☆)/

  3. Saramari:
    Yeah I get lost there all the time, even though I've been here for quite a while now...
    Shinjuku station is a little bit like the universe, it just seems to expand and have no end! ;D

    Those hats rocks!! Fantasy-feeling!^^