Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shibuya Now!!! 渋谷なう!!!

When you put "Nau" after a place name in Gyaru language, it means you are there right now. So for example "New York Nau" = means "I'm in New York right now". "Shibuya Nau"="I'm in Shibuya right now".

Tonight I went to Shibuya with Jenni(in hat), Kenichi(right) and Yukino, who me and Jenni met at Men's Egg Night.
Yukino has been living in Canada for a year so she speaks some english and is very nice. She's also obsessed with Egg models just like me and Jenni... :P

Shirt and scarf from Daisy in Shibuya 109-2.
Jacket from Rhydeal, also in 109-2. I guess Shibuya 109-2 is my wardrobe... ;D

First we met the Egg model Genpon in front of Hachiko and he brought us to his Izakaya. He said I'm allways in Shibuya and I guess he's right...
I'm starting to recognize people everywhere, even though it's one of the most populated places in the world.

How is that possible?? I mean, I don't recognize anybody in my small hometown in Sweden for example!

Then we took some Purikura at the most popular Purikura machine right now called "Bambi Purikura".

My personal favorite Purikura is the "Look like a half-Purikura" which makes Japanese people look like they're only half Japanese.
It makes foreigners like me look like we're aliens!^^

Something good about the Bambi-Purikura was that you both get half- and whole-body photos taken.

On this picture it says:
"Minna NakaYoshi Da Yo"
which means that we all are good friends.

"in Sentaa Gai". Sentaa Gai is the main street of Shibuya. The central street.

Then Lloyd from England joined and we went to the cheapest Karaoke place in Tokyo that was kinda smelly but we got used to it! ;D

Yukino had just been to a job interview for the stor d.i.a in Shibuya 109 and found out that she got the job!!^^ So now Jenni and Yukino work in the same building! =)

When I came home I had a friend request on Mixi from one of the guys I met at the Double Heart party this Saturday.
When I accepted the friend request he instantly wrote a Status Update saying "Im friend with Rikku now!".

It's like if somebody would write on Facebook: "Hey everybody, I just became friend with Joe!!" ;D Then I got requests from his friends saying "Oh I like Shibuya style too! Please become my friend too!"

Japanese people can have a lot of prejudice and be very afraid of talking to foreigners, but a lot of people start thinking I'm half Japanese just because I have a more Japanese style now. It's all kind of strange, and doesn't really make sense. 


  1. Nice chest hairs... Shirtless, please?

  2. Yukino is so cute. and I really like Jenni~ she's so cute, too :D
    btw, I saw Kenichi on youtube... I think.

    and, dude, you're becoming popular. :D

  3. you're so popular!! xD Love your purikuras, all of you look amazing!!! <3

  4. I agree it's strange how you startd recognizing so many people around Tokyo. In 2009, i was two months in Tokyo and i saw so many same people in random places so many times...
    I have heard that when you go to Tokyo, you'll never meet the same faces again, since there are so many people around. But somehow it felt like completely the other way around :D
    Here in finland i don't know near as many people by their faces..and here the whole country's population is less than Tokyo's population xDD

  5. By 'around Tokyo', you have to bear in mind that you actually mean 'the areas immediately around 109 and Morph'. That makes a great difference. :p
    Also, it's easy to spot gyaru from hundreds of meters away; the same goes for gaijin. You're both, of course you'll be found. Add to that your large circle of acquaintances...

  6. btw なう is not gal language! it's widely used in twitter, ameba, even facebook...

  7. Anonymous 1:
    Hahah thanks, but there won't be any nudity in this blog!! ;D

    Yeah you probably saw him on Youtube hahaha...
    he has a lot of videos there! =)

    Hahah I'm not popular but thank you soo much!!^^

  8. Anonymous 2:
    Yeah that's so mysterious!! How can it be like that, with so many people...
    Maybe because the same kind of people usually hang out in the same kind of places here...

    I really don't know, but it's intresting!! =)

    Well that's true!!
    As soon as I'm outside Shibuya I kinda don't recognize anybody. :/

    Yeah gyarus and foreigners are indeed very easy to spot in Tokyo!
    If you would become a gyaru you would be a tall, foreign gyaru. That would be even easier to spot!! =)

    Anonymous 3:
    Oh really? I didn't know that, thanks!!
    I pretty much only read Gyaru-blogs when it comes to Japanese blogs so I guess that's why I didn't know.
    And I haven't seen any person on Mixi or Facebook except Gyarus use it yet.