Monday, November 22, 2010

Street Snap of the Day 今日のストリートスナップ #6

Me and some friends were walking the small narrow streets of Harajuku when
this super cute girl came walking by. Felt like being in an anime.
How can Japanese people manage to look so perfect...? So jealous!!

日本人はどうすれば、こんなに完璧顔と洋服コーディネト!? 羨ましい!

When I came out of Shibuay 109-2 it was pictures of Takkezou, Minorun and Chiibo everywhere. Then I saw this guy standing next to one of the posters and thought he looked like Chiibo so I asked if it was him but I was wrong.
Very nice guy though, that liked soccer and mentioned "Henrik Larsson"(famous soccer player) when I said I'm from Sweden.


Cool people so far, but promised to show some strange people today too!
So here we go...

This guy was making commercial for the Game Center in Ikebukuro.

Who came up with the idea to hang a pig on his back!? 

Girl giving out free schampoo samples from Lóreal at Shinjuku station.


  1. that girl is so kawaiii and looks so tiny!! *___*
    I want one of those teddy bears, oh my god!!! xD

  2. Cute blog! Love the fashion snapshots. Will follow you!

  3. That's nice to hear!!

    Then I will definitley continue doing the snap shots!! =)