Friday, November 26, 2010

New HairStyle ニューヘアスタイル

Tonight we're invited to Yuunyan's special party at Atom and Saturday
it's time for Double Heart which lots of Egg models including
Kanako Kawabata is going to, so had to style my hair a bit to prepare...

My friend Masshu to the left, working at Daisy and as a Men's Egg Youth model, had booked a time for me with the best Gyaru-hair stylist in Japan.

His name is Kazu and he has styled all the most famous Gyaru-O. He is called "The Shibuya God Hand". He works at the most hip salon right now, Rizel.

Everybody in the hair salon Rizel were super styled and looked like models.
They seemed to be chocked that a foreigner had found it. Video from inside:


Seems like everybody that comes to this salon are introduced to it by a fashion magazine model, since you had to fill out a form first about which model that recommended you the salon.

Kazu was a super nice guy that had been working at hair salons for 10 years. When he cut or styled hair it really seemed like he was born to do it... Here he is attaching extensions to my hair.

Here is a video from the styling:

Masshu and his hairstyle info was in one of the salon's magazine.
When I talked with Kazu about writing Japanese and Kanji(Chinese characters in Japanese) he said that Masshu and Yuunyan probably don't know many Kanji... ;D  

Thanks to everybody at Rizel!!! Everybody was extremley nice and polite! Whenever you wanted to go to the toliet they came with you to show you the way and light it up for you. 
When I was going back they came with me to the elevator and they were asking questions about what Im doing here and my home country sweden all the time.

Something I love about Japan is that, even though somebody look really cool, they don't need to have an attitude. They can still be nice humble people.

In the stores in Sweden where people are very styled, the staff won't even say hello or look at you when you come into their store. So much to learn from Japan!!

Before styling at Rizel:

After styling at Rizel:

When I came out from the salon I got photographed by a camera team from
a web site called SnapWalker that takes street snaps of people in Shibuya.
Then everybody get ranked by how many points the web site visitors give them.

Now me and Jenny are ready to go to Yuunyan's party tonight!!^^
Let's see if the hair style have any effect... ;D


  1. So cool!!! That style saloon looks so cool! I've been once to one and the staff was so polite and even served some tea to me!!

    have fun in the party!!! :D

  2. Yout hair looks so cool! Suits you well. :)

  3. Wow, what a great hair stylist! The hair style he did for you is sooo great and looks perfect for you! No wonder only models introduce it XD

  4. cool new hairstyle!
    I also like Jenny's (the girl with you, on the last pic?) hairstyle~
    have fun at the parties. agepoyo!

  5. I'm so relieved that you doesn't think the hair style looks bad!! :)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! =D
    And I totally agree that Jenny's hair look awesome!!

    I can really recommend you to go to the hair salons Rizel or MINX if you come to Japan.
    Pretty expensive but a very nice experience!!

    If anybody want the adress, just send me a message or mail! :)