Sunday, November 21, 2010

Street Snap of the Day 今日のストリートスナップ #5

In today's edition of "Street Snap of the Day" there's a lot of different styles...
Tokyo is pure dream for Fashion Fanatics!! My camera's battery keep running out...

東京のおしゃれは多過ぎる!!! 私のカメラのバッテリーは全然足りない!

One of the guys got spikes on his head, and the other one got his spikes on the back...

The more I look at the guy with the back pack, I find more and more similarities with Bower from the Super Mario games.

I want that back pack sooo bad...

Super Mario was nowhere to be seen though, maybe he was hanging out in the Super Mario Bar in Tokyo.
I heard they have a real goat there too!! ^^

Talking about spikes...

Nice Korean guy I met six in the morning.
Tokyo never sleeps so anytime is good for photo-hunting here!

In school Joel and Sofia was dressed in black and white!
I don't think it was planned, so that makes it even cooler!! =D
They are also from Sweden like me. Soo many Swedish people in our school!

Met the Egg-model couple Abebe-ken(right) and Aa-chan(left) in Shibuya.

Want every single thing that Abebe-ken is wearing!
He's so smartly dressed I think.

I think they are married or at least engaged now.

They look so good together!^^

To the right is a picture from an article about their love in the Egg magazine.

Aa-chan has a twin that looks almost exactly the same as her by the way.
Three cool people I met in Korea town. The guy to the right look like a Korean boyband-star I think. They usually have that kind of hair cut.

The girl in the middle are using sunglasses without glasses in them. They are super popular right now.

The third girl's pink leopard hood with that bag, and not to mention the hanging bear, looks cool together!



三人の優しいおしゃれ!!↑ ↑

Next time on "Street Snap of the Day" there will be some very strange ones...


  1. I never thought I'd make a fashion blog. :p
    It's weird how quickly you acclimatise to the indeed very foreign Japanese fashions and appearances. Like having ears on your hood, it's been months since I last actually reacted to that.
    That's what I think is nice about your blog for people who live here; you are presented with your everyday world and made to think about it, actually look at it, instead of just shrugging and moving on.

  2. Thank you, that's a very thoughtful comment!!
    I agree that you really lose perspective of what's normal and not after being in Japan for a while...

    Hoods with ears would maybe be considered the craziest thing of the century in sweden while nobody even notice it here anymore!

  3. OMG you always find so interesting and funny people!!! hahaaha
    The model couple looks so cuuuuuuute!! <3 Love it!!
    How do you manage to find models among normal people and even remember their names? You're awesome!!!

  4. Nenacho:
    Well Tokyo is full of funny and intresting people and I love going around watching all the creative outfits people wear! =D

    I think the models aren't very hard to spot, because they usually have a certain kind of face and fashion.

    For example I remember one Japanese guy saying that he did not have the "109-face" so he could not work at Shibuya 109.