Friday, November 19, 2010

Egg Models Everywhere!! どこでもエッグモデル!!

Three french Gyaru contacted me on facebook and we decided to meet in Shibuya.
I had no idea that it was going to be a really crazy day and meet about 10 super famous Egg models...


Today's outfit. T-shirt from ZARA in Roppongi Hills. Pants from Vice Fairy in Shibuya 109-2.

今日のコーディネート。シャツは六本木ヒルスのZARA。パンツはShibuya109-2のVice Fairy。

The blue sunglass key chain is from Daisy in Shibuya 109-2 and the wallet is a gift from Leon. And the socks... ;D

青いめがねキーシェインはShibuya 109Daisy。財布はレオンからもらったギフト。

I went to Hachiko to meet the three gyarus from France. Hachiko is the most famous meeting point in Tokyo. 

While I was waiting I started talking with Priyanka on the photo which turned out to speak fluent english because she had been living in America. I was sooo suprised when I heard she was not only fluent, but had an american accent...  First time I meet a gyaru that speak fluent English.

She really looks like a Hollywood-star with that "StarBucks-looking" coffe cup.
Priyanka is half Japanese and half Indian. She was actually scouting for Hosts
around Hachiko, but said that it was a lot of other people doing the same thing so it wasn't very easy.

While we were talking, the most famous Gyaru-O right now, Tanaka Daichi came walking by...

     He is on almost every picture in Shibuya 109-2 and everybody are just crazy about him.
He was wearing black glasses to not get recongnized... but I guess he was not succesful since everybody wanted a picture with him! ;D 

I met him once before at the Men's Egg Night Party in Club Atom and he said that he remembered me. Seems like a really nice person!

Priyanka thought he was really good looking but she already know a regular guy that looks like him so she don't need him. ;)

Tanaka Daichi on the latest Men's Egg Magazine. He was on last months cover too... The text on the cover is pretty funny by the way...
モテるための答えがココにあるッ!!= Moteru Tame No Kotae ga Koko ni Aru =
"We got the answers on how to get popular!!"

Then the three french Gyaru came, and also some other Swedish and Japanese friends joined.
And then it was time to meet Egg model number 2... Genpon!! (Middle of picture)

It was pretty fun because just before I went to Shibuya I read on his Mixi that he was starting to work extra at inviting people to an Izakaya and then I meet him doing that 1 hour later. And of course he wanted us to come to his Izakaya, and it looked like a really nice place so I wanted to go. Izakaya is a mix of Bar/Restaurant that is very common in Japan.

But before that I wanted to bring the french people to meet Jenny who is the only non-Japanese person working at Shibuya 109 and actually french too. I said we would come back, but our Japanese friends said his place was too expensive so we ended up going to another Izakaya. Later I saw he had sent me a message on Mixi saying that he was waiting for us, so I got pretty bad conciousness for that. :(

Genpon, that we just met, to the right, and Naokyun to the left who we were going to meet later this evening and have a pretty interesting conversation with...

Before going to the Izakaya, Me and the french people went to Burger King.

Rémy to the left is living in Japan studying Japanese and Mathylda and Erwan are here visiting him. All three of them were really cool and super nice!
I'm so happy they sent me a message on Facebook and wanted to meet!! ^^

Burger King was packed with gyarus and a lot of people started staring at us when we came in, one girl even stood up and started waving at us. I guess since it's still so rare to see foreigners in gyaru style.

Then we were going to meet the others at an Izakaya.
On the way to the Izakaya we saw Takkezou,
one of the most popular Mens Egg Youth Models now and my friend Masshu's "nakama"/"homie". 

He was so suprised that foreigners recognized him and that we had gyaru-style. He said -"sugoi!! sugoi!! sugoi!!"(cool, great, awesome) all the time and stared at everybody.

He asked where everybody was from and said he heard that Gyaru-style are getting popular outside Japan too recently. His girlfriend(to the left) looked like a barbie doll.

 Takkezou on the cover of Men's Egg Youth. Love both of the model's hair styles on this picture. This was actually the picture I showed to tell my hair stylist what color on my hair I wanted.

Everybody together at the Izakaya. You order food and drinks from the hand-held screens like the one I'm holding. High-Tech Izakaya!! =D

The french people were really suprised that Amadeus(cool guy in the back with long hair) could speak good french with them. They didn't know he can not only speak Swedish, Japanese, English(with a very brittish accent) and French but also Latin!! Creds!

His father came up with the two most famous commercials ever in Sweden. 
"Ipren-mannen" and "Behöver du hjälp? Ring Poolia". More info about this guy later in the blog!!

Amadeus is a big fan of the "Imma firing mah Lazer!!!!" videos at Youtube.
Here you can see him fire his Zebra. Watch out!! :O



Most people went home after the Izakaya but Leon joined the group and we took Purikura-pictures with Erwan, Remy and Mathylda. It was their first time so it was a lot of fun!! ^^

Here is a video of the editing part!!

The French language is soooo beautiful!! ^^
And Leon is just too funny... Just seeing his smile makes me laugh!! :D

Then we were going to Karaoke but on the way I saw Naokyun(to the left) and Shouya(to the right) and their friend Bataason which is not in this picture.
Shouya is the guy Im standing next to in the Blog banner by the way.

Shouya and Bataason screamed "Hey Rikku!!"(My Japanese nickname) when they saw me and High Five me but Naokyun just stood there quiet and didn't say anything. Then I tried to shake hands with him but he just kept being quiet staring at me with a scary look. Like some kinda joke I hope ;D

Then he say: -"Do you remember me??"

Me: -Yes of course!! Are you going to Double Heart next week?? 
(Double Heart is a "secret" club event for Egg-models and people working in Shibuya 109)

Shouya: -Yeeesssssss!!!!!
Naokyun: -Yes next week my friend Akki have a special party there so I will go.

Me: -Oh I look forward to it!! Are you still working as a Host, Naokyun?

Naokyun: -No I quit. wait, how did you know I worked as a Host!!???? 

Me: -Masshu told me. He said he used to work as a Host too, long ago.

Naokyun: -Hahahahahaha... Masshu....

Me: -He said the salary is really high, is that true?

Naokyun: -Nah.. it's not that high.

*Then Naokyun pulls up my wallet all of a sudden from my pocket and opens it and starts to look if I have any money, but it's empty!! XD*

Naokyun: -What!? You don't have any money here..

Me: I have money on the card..

I know Shouya likes Anime a lot so I ask if Naokyun does it too.

Naokyun: No I don't watch Anime, I like to watch soccer.

Me: Ah, do you know Zlatan Ibrahimovic? (Swedens most famous soccer player)

Naokyun: Yes I know him!

This picture was taken at the last Men's Egg Youth Party where Naokyun was one of the biggest stars. Even though he just need to walk around in a club and all the girls scream hysterically and almost pass out, he allways seem a bit depressed. Very interesting but mysterious personality...

Some gyarus walk by and Naokyun say something to them, and I ask:
-"Are you going to look for some girls?"

Naokyun: No I don't need to look for girls, they come up to me.

It sounds like he is bragging but it's true. Everytime I talk to him in club Atom lots of girls come up to him and start whisper things in his ear or want to introduce friends to him. Or sometimes the model agent comes up, and says that he need to go back to the main table and sit there to make the club look good, I think.

It's so funny because Naokyun and Shouya are almost allways together. Shouya is allways super happy and Naokyun allways seem to be down.

I ask him: -What's your dream for the future?

Naokyun: -I don't have one. Life is boring.

Me: ...

Three gyaru girls come out from the store they are standing next to and say that they are drunk.
Then they walk away with Shouya and Naokyun.

I just turn my head and then see Yuunyan and Chiibo come walking down the street. Yuunyan works at Daisy in Shibuya 109-2 and are Masshu's best friend.
He starts waving to me and are really nice as allways.

I say that it's Egg-models everywhere today and ask if Masshu's eye is okey now. He says that it's fully recovered.
(Masshu used color contact lenses too much so he had to go to the hospital for his eye)

Masshu is to the left on the picture and Yuunyan to the right. In the background you can see some of their fans that come visit them in their store Daisy in Shibuya 109-2.

I ask some people that walk by if they could take a photo of us but a lot of people ignore me or say "Dame!" which means "No no no!!!"

-"Hahah I get ignored" I say.

Yuunyan: -"They are so cold."

And I agree, sometimes Japanese people are really cold. But most of the people you ask about things are very helpful and nice. And I can understand that some people become cold by living in the Japanese society and working so extremley much as everybody does here. And on top of that lots of pressure.

Finally we get our picture, and Yuunyan says that he and Masshu will be working at Daisy tomorrow so he asks us to come visit if we have time.

Yuunyan allways takes time to talk with you even if he has 20 fans standing waiting for him and just seem like a super nice positive person!! ^^

He is also the inventor of the word "Agepon" which become more and more popular in the gyaru world now. 
"Agepon" has the same meaning as "Agepoyo" but if you use it, you probably like Yuunyan and Daisy. 

The famous store CocoLulu in Shibuya 109 also have it's own "Agepoyo-word": "AgeLulu"... =D

When Yuunyan is not modeling or working at Daisy, he saves girls from big scary bugs!! Go Yuunyan!!! Agepon!!!!!  超アゲポン!!

Then we finish the day with singing some Karaoke. We also meet Masshu there who shows his eye, which is ok now.
Our french friends don't read so much Kanji (Chinese characters used in Japanese) but they can sing Japanese songs anyway because they remember them so well!! Amazing! :)

I also see a girl with different colors on her shoes and a big tail.Tokyo is soo full of cool, strange, intresting and fun people!! AGEPOYO!!!↑ ↑ 
AGEPON!!!!!!! ↑ ↑↑ ↑↑ ↑   (^_^)


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