Monday, November 22, 2010

The French Revolution! フランス革命!

Today I was going to experience a lot of French culture!!

Preparing to go out...
Yellow long sleeve shirt from Daisy in Shibuya 109-2 and blue west from somewhere in Harajuku. Really cheap!^^
My room is sooo messy by the way... Please don't look!! Even the mirror is dirty!>_< Sagepoyo!!↓↓ If only I spent as much time on cleaning my room as I do on my hair...

ない... サゲポヨ
!!↓↓ (笑)

The red "hang-belt" is also from Daisy in Shibuya 109-2. Love that store!!^^
The shoes and pants are from Vice Fairy. Another one of my favorite 109-2 stores. 
The One Piece* watch I'm wearing is also from there. Bracelets from "OIOI"(Prounanced Marui).
*One Piece is the most popular Anime in Japan right now.
The french people had found a long French street in the middle of Tokyo... It was located in Ikebukuro train station underground and sold all kinds of French things!

It's so funny with Japanese people because when they do something they do it 110%! If you go into a store selling French bread for example, they're going to be playing French music, have French paintings on the walls and everybody working in the store are wearing French suits trying to live a French lifestyle and go visit France once in a while...

Then we went to a special French bar full of French people!! Hahaha the French people rule... They are in Tokyo for one week and find French things everywhere!!^^ Thanks to the bar owner Anthony(middle) for giving us free French wine!! 

Of course Erwan was wearing his tail, like everybody else in Tokyo right now. :P
Makes me think about my big blue tail which I loved so much but lost at the last Men's Egg Night at Atom. =(
A Japanese guy in the bar starting asking Erwan questions about his hair and styel so he had some Facebook pictures to show him!
This is actually Erwan's friends in Paris. The Japanese guy couldn't belive his eyes... He said things like: -"No this must be Tokyo!"

Then we had planned to go clubbing but they had problems with the ATM so we decided to go to their Hotel room and just chill.

On the way to the hotel I saw these people at the train station. The girl is from germany and had seen me at club Atom. I've been to much to Atom...

We bought something to drink at a Konbini(small convenient store in Japanese). The robot cat Doraemon and Minney was there greeting us! What a nice suprise!! Mickey would not be happy to see this picture! ;D Haha I'm soo boring... :P

I might sound crazy now, but another nice suprise was that the French people's toilet had some incredible light settings! =D So I just had to take some ego pictures... What I mean is that in some rooms you look bad when you look yourself in the mirror and in some rooms you don't look as bad, depending on the light settings.

Thumbs up for hotel bathrooms with great light settings! Agepoyo!!↑ ↑

After abusing their bathroom I fell asleep while they watched the Anime Great Teacher Onizuka.

Erwan and Mathylda went home to France today but they said that they would not be able to be there for long until they have to come back here! Merci!!
On Erwan's Facebook status it said: "Back to Reality".

I'm not going back to reality! That's for sure!! ;D


  1. French people ruleeee!! They look amazing!! I understand why that japanese guy was surprised about your friend and his facebook!!! xD

    Bathroom settings are agepoyoooo!! xD I wonder why the best lighting is in the toilet!!!

  2. Toilettes francaises あげぽよ~~! lol
    BTW you're more beautiful with the French toilet's light! xD