Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Tiger Lady とらの女性

When I were going home from Shibuya I saw one of the more strange things I've seen so far in Japan.

First I just thought it was just another tail, or maybe some kind of strange bag.

Then I took a closer look and saw that this women were actually carrying around a big fake Tiger... 
She were also petting it once in a while.

This would be perfectly normal if she was 5 years old, but she must be at least 50.

The funny thing is that no one else than me even noticed it or looked at her.
Japanese people are so used to strange things that it seems like they can't even see them anymore.

It's a worldwide sensation everytime Lady Gaga shows a new outfit.
In Japan it's walking around small Lady Gagas everywhere.
In all ages.


  1. hi hi hi she looks so strange :) i love japan for such great people ^^

  2. OMG...xD She's gyaru even in her 50s!! xD

  3. Ouh sorry for writing in German xDD I thought you can speak it xD hihi! Please delete the german comment :b

    I was surprised because you were soo brave taking a picture of that obachan! XD There are really strange people in Tokyo xD

  4. Aww, that fake tiger is so cute :D
    But yeah maybe it's little bit weird to see old women to carring it everywhere with her ^^' But anyway...when in Rome do as the Romans do :D

    How long you are in Japan to studing Japanese language like 1 year or something? What kind of weather is in Japan at the moment is there snow or is there still warm weather?

  5. maybe it was a gift to someone ...grandchild ? and thought that toy was cute..... do not judge her only after seeing her once.... :< it's Sagepoyoooo

  6. aww i am walking with my elepfant :))) ..on the one hand it is a bit funny but on the other hand..i find her outfit to much...and for her age..oh man :))

  7. You didn't answer my question in asked in your egg party post D:

  8. Sorry for taking such a long time to answer your comments!! :(
    I will try to answer every single one of them tomorrow!

    I'm sooo thankful for all the comments, I can't thank you enough!!^^
    I get so happy from all your opinions and questions. I'm greatful that you care about these experiences and I hope you can have fun reading about it!!!

  9. Connys World: Hahaha me too!! =D

    Hahaha yeah she proves there's no age limit for being gyaru! ;D

    I wish I could speak german!! :(

    You can comment in both german and english if you want to, the german readers would probably be happy then!! =)

    Ah thank you! I don't think I'm brave, just crazy... ;)
    But when I see people like that I allways think:
    "Wow, the world has to know about this!!"

    Not that the whole world read my blog hahah... But anyway that kind of thought makes me less scared you know! =)

    Chimamire no bara:
    I have been studying Japanese in Japan for about 1 year and 2 months now and I will hopefully stay about one more year at least. :)

    I think it's pretty cold here right now, maybe not compared to Sweden where I come from where it's lots of snow now though... :O

    It hasn't been snowing a single time so far this year in Tokyo what I noticed... I'm looking foward to it!!^^

  10. Anonymous 1:
    That's actually true!!
    Yeah who knows, it might have been!

    I agree that you shouldn't judge people.

    But the way she was acting, it seemed like she almost thought that fake tiger were real you know... :/ I'm not complaining.

    Mein Leben:
    Oh a elephant? Sound cool!!^^

    Anonymous 2:
    I'm sorry for taking time to answer your comment =(
    I hope I have answered it now?

  11. sorry att jag inte skriver på engelska, är kass på att stava :P är verkligen avis på dig som våga åka dit! är min dröm sen jag började läsa from tokyo whith love för tre år sen :D

    jag undrar baara lite hur du gör ekonomiskt, får man csn och klarar man sig på det, eller måste man betala allt själv? kostar utbildningen eller är det som i sverige, gratis? måste man kunna japanska bra eller klarar man sig på engelska?

    sen undrar jag bara av intresse(efter som maria slutar blogga från japan) om du ska stanna länge?

    tack för en underbart färgglad och posetiv blogg!
    ser framemot att läsa alla spännande uppdateringar från tokyo!
    MVH Lovisa

  12. lol! are you sure its a woman?

  13. i want to try holding a big white tiger with me in the train! sound very interesting!

    but i don't think i want to pat it. its like... urm... weird... huhu