Thursday, December 16, 2010

Zukey - SuperStar and SuperNeard 【ずっきー 】有名人なのにオタク

The new Pokémon and Monster Hunter games are out so today we ask Zukey(middle) about his honest opinion!!

There was a lot of famous people working in Shibuya 109-2 today.
First we saw that the EGG-model Hayatochi was working in Co&Lu.
I passed by that store so many times but never seen him there so it must be pretty rare.

The staff thought the first picture we took with him was a failure because another staff was smiling there in the background between Yukino and Hayatochi's head hahah... so we took another one.

Liked the picture before better! Now there's no smiling staff in the background. :(
I think it's pretty cool that they have famous people working in the stores in Shibuya 109 and 109-2 often.

I wonder what would happen if Paris Hilton worked in some store in New York or Los Angeles for example?

When we were going to the elevator we met Azu(left in hat) who is a EGG-model, DJ in club Axxciss in Shibuya and also works in the store Daisy where Masshu and Yuunyan works.

Azu's Makeup and hair is always mind blowing flawless.
Last time she was DJ at club axxcis I took these pictures.

First time we met was at club Atom when I was wearing Daisy clothes and she got really suprised that a foreigner was wearing that.

Azu recently got twenty.
When Japanese girls turn 20 they celebrate it as "Coming of Age".

When you are 20 you are aloud to drink and smoke etc in Japan.
So I guess they mean you are an adult when you're 20 years old.

The "Coming of Age" is something very big for Japanese people and something they want to make into a lifelong memory.

They always take pictures in the most beautiful Kimonos they can find at this time.
And those Kimonos is usually extremley expensive...
Even if you just want to rent them for a day.

To the right you can see Azu in her Kimono. 

There's "EGG-street snap models", there's regular EGG-models and then there's EGG-super models that the magazine just couldn't be without.

Zukey above is definitley included in the last mentioned category.
Only he's hairstyling costs more in a month than what a house does...

He's model for EGG, Men's EGG, Men's EGG Youth, Buzz Spunky, Mayhem and World Contest. He's also on gigantic posters all over Shibuya 109-2.

So you think he would be stuck up but he's actually more humble and down to earth than most people I met in my life.

I think it's amazing that someone so popular can manage to remain such a good person. Respect!!

Zukey, Yukino and my conversation today in the store Mayhem:

Me: Oh, hey Zukey! Do you remember me...? (I have said hello to him one time in Mayhem before)

Zukey: Yes of course, everybody knows you.

Me: Eh, what...? 
How do you know who I am??

Zukey: My hair stylist Kazu at Rizel talked with me about you.
He styled me right after you.

Kazu in black to the right together with Kanako and other
EGG models and hair stylists.

Me: Besides being a model you also work here in Mayhem?
I don't see you often here.

Zukey: I help out here 2 times in a month.

Me: Ah wow that's not much, then we had good timing today!!

Zukey: Hahah yeah!

Last time I talked with Shun(in the middle of the picture to the right) he told me that he's playing the game Final Fantasy Crisis Core to PSP right now when he has breaks at his work.

Me: I heard Shun plays PSP when he get breaks.

Zukey: Yeah we have a PSP in the lunch room we play in the breaks.

Me: Oh, do you play video games too?

Zukey: Yeah I'm a "Monster Hunter"-otaku.* (big smile)

*Otaku = Super Neard in Japanese.
The actual meaning of the word is "Home".
A Japanese super neard is known for just sitting in his HOME playing video games and watching animé. That's why neards are called "Otaku".

Me: Have you seen the big Monster Hunter promotion in front of Shibuya 109 right now? 

Zukey: Yeah the new game is soon coming so it's everywhere!

Here in front of Shibuya 109 you can hold up different heart shaped signs with love messages to the game Monster Hunter and it's characters.

It seems like they put big ballons of bifferent characters all over Tokyo.

This huge subway ad shows Japanese celebrities playing Monster Hunter on PSP.
The actor to the left only has only played 270 hours of Monster Hunter,
so he loose against the other celebrity who played for 1322 hours.
I think that makes sense!! XD

It was not long ago that a new Pokemón game got released so I ask Zukey:

Which game is more popular between Monster Hunter and Pokemón?

Zukey: Ah, that's hard to say.
Monster Hunter has mostly young players though while Pokémon is played by people in all ages.

I often see adults playing Pokémon with a very serious face while they're discussing tactics with their work colleagues. (Small laugh)

To the right you see Zukey with his girl friend.

Me: Where did you meet your girl friend?

Zukey: Ehm... Mixi.

I'm not suprised by the answer since at least 50% of all gyaru seems to have met through the community Mixi.

They never met in a normal way, like through common friends or in school.
It's very often at Mixi and they always thinks it's emberassing to admit.

Me: Zukey you kinda look like you're half Japanese and half western? 

Zukey: Oh, really? No, I'm just Japanese.
But I look a lot like my father and he's face looks a bit western.

I don't look anything like my mother though...
When I was walking around with her when I was small,
her friends used to come up to her and ask "Who's that child!??"


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