Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Almighty Claw!! (and a green tail) オールマイティー 鈎爪!!! 翠しっぽもある

Amadeus had been talking to me about his new claw for about a week but I kinda
just laughed and thougt he bought some cute bear glove.

But one day he knocked on my door and stood there with his gigantic
monster claw attached to his finger...

And not only that, he also had a green tail!! XD
I told him he looked like a Batman enemy, and then when I took pictures of him
he almost pinched my eye out with his claw!! :O

Later I read in a famous Swedish fashion blog that the blogger was hesitating about weather she should by these "wild shoes" or not.

She should come to Japan...
These shoes might have been wild in Japan about 10 years ago or so.

Now it's not even wild to have a green tail and monster claw...

Amadeus proves that it's possible to buy anything you can ever dream about
in the concrete jungle Tokyo.
Amadeus bought this claw in Harajuku.

The closest I've seen to this claw must be these kind of finger accessories.


Thanks for the show Amadeus!!!^^

If you thought Tokyo were a safe place, think again... ;D


  1. Ahhh I saw alot of them when I was in Tokyo they are like the Vivianne Westwood Armour rings XD!! They aver similar things in Topman now over here they are becoming more fashionable!

    I've never seen one that big though *0*! It's amazing!

  2. The Claw for president ftlog. . .

    It's so amazing, just so amazing.

    Nothing is wasted, only reproduced!

    Keep up the good work ftwbtw!

  3. haha mitt ex hade en sådan, det var ungefär... 10 år sen nu, oj vad tiden går fort..! haha XD hävy metal på den tiden, fanns på shock och sånna affärer då :D