Friday, December 10, 2010

Work in Shibuya 109 渋谷109で働く

Today I visited Yukino who just started to work in
the store "d.i.a" in Shibuya 109.

I allways wanted to know what it's like to work in Shibuya 109.
Today, we are about to find out!!! :O

Before going out. I never to style the hair bt myself as good as Kazu at Rizel did. =(  
In the background you can see the computer I write this blog from,
which is actually about to break down... :(

When Gyaru dress up they allways have at least one "fashion point" 
for the outfit.
Whenever a "Street Snap photographer" takes a photo of you,
they usually ask: "What's your point for today?"

So my point for today was the wallet chain combined with a "&"-sign
from a CocoLulu neclace.
My second point the jacket, shoes and tail all are vine-red.

It was a wonderful shiny autumn day in Shibuya and as you can see
on the big poster under the screen, it was promotion for the latest 
Monster Hunter game everywhere!!

Monster Hunter is a mix between the games Pokémon and World of Warcraft.
It's extremley popular in Japan.
Above you can see me being very pale in front a gigantic Monster Hunter Balloon in Shinjuku. 

The best promotion must be this guy!!^^

He/she/it was just standing there being happy and all the people went crazy
and totally fell in love.

People of all ages ran up and wanted to hug and play with it.

Considering how bad relations many Japanese people have with their family and that they never hug people or even make hand shakes with eachother, seeing this almost made me cry.

If Japanese people didn't have to work all the time and live by all these unwritten rules, they could probably be so happy!^^

Yukino was busy working when I came, so while waiting for her lunch break I went to visit Jenni in Bumble Bee and Rina(left in the picture).

I know her from the Double Heart events that she always goes to.

First time I met her she was wearing a watch built from Lego bricks! =)

She works in the store JSG on 4th floor of Shibuya 109.
Below you can see a map of the 4th floor.

Jenni that I've written about earlier in the blog works at Bubmle Bee on this floor.

Marika aka Marifume works in tutuHA where I bought the manga-looking glasses I sometimes wear.
Rina loves the Anime Neon Genesis Evangelion casually called "Eva" in Japan.
"Eva" is a about humans in future riding gigantic "Mecha"-robots to protect what's left of human society. The main character's father never have time to meet him by the way...

On Rina's profile page on Mixi she says she is engaged with the Eva-character Kaoru on the picture! =)
Japan is probably the only country where grey hair is considered cool.

Sometimes at work Rina likes to play that she's Aska's Mecha robot from Eva. ;)

Is this Rina or the Mecha-robot!!??

I don't know but I will probably have to watch all the Eva animé episodes and movies now to have something to talk about with Rina.

Couldn't she have picked a more normal Animé like One Piece or something to be obsessed with? :/

I never understand anything from the Eva animé but I tried to be cool in front of her and mentioned the "AT-field" which is some kind of electromagnetic force field if I got it right...

She seemed to appreciate that I knew a little bit at least. ;)

Thought I was a bit special today with my rare vine-red tail bought at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro,
but Rina was wearing three tails today... 
One pink, one green and one blue!! :O

She asked where I bought mine and then we went on talking about tales.
If somebody told me that I was going to have deep conversations about fox tales a year ago, I would never have believed them... XD

When I asked the guy that took the picture of me and Rina about his name he got so nervous that he started shaking and looked down in the floor.

Then he saw that I was wearing a Eva Mecha shirt and shined up.^^
It's bought at UNIQLO at Omotesando when recently when they had Eva-theme on all their T-shirts.

The cool thing about UNIQLO in Omotesando is that they sell
their shirts in cans like the one on the picture.

If I remember correcly the UNIQLO founder is the richest man in Japan.

Then I went to SBY on the top floor to see if Recchi was working,
but her store is too big!! :O
They even had a barbie-like room where you could style your hair!!

When I was gonna meet Yukino for lunch I barely recognized her at first because she was so styled for work!!

She had got her nails done some days ago.
The crown she has on one finger is pretty cool... XD

Before she used to wear the fake eye lashes to the right,
but when you work at "d.i.a" you have to wear the "Diamond lashes"...

Before she went to work today she had been styling her hair for
2 hours. But when she came to work her boss said it was not enough
and style it for 1,5 mor hours...

You might think that the girls working in Shibuya 109 just takes it easy
and party but that's far from true.
They have very long work days and has to be very active all the time.

Yukino said that whenever she failed to remember something the other staff
were very strict and got angry at her.
She felt like she wanted to quit but decided to do her best and continue.

We went for a Purikura marathon in "Purikura Mekka".
My legs must be three times the size of Yukino's by the way. :/

Superkul = Super Fun in Swedish

When You are done editing the photos and wait for your
photo stickers to be printed you get to play a game.

Here's a video of Yukino getting frustrated while playing the game! ;D

The story about working in Shibuya 109 continues...
Stay tuned for more!! ;D


  1. oh if working on a boutique is like the best job in japan?

    then it must be really hard to get in! >.<

  2. omg! so stressful! >__< 3 hours for hair arrangement?? OMG! Now I understand why girls wear wigs! xD

  3. Awww, I thought she looked good though. Best of luck to her!

    And wooow, it's interesting that they have to wear specific eyelashes :O Talking about real dedication. In the U.S. the sales people in retail normally don't represent the clothes they sell and half the time they're just stocking up on clothes or staring at you, haha.

  4. I like the & point of your outfit, it really does add something special to the look!

    Oh I totally agree, its a bit sad that Japanese people can't hug or connect to each other, but they can love that mascot. It is a super cute mascot tho...XD

    I think it must be super tiring to work in 109. All the time the staff girls have to yell out "welcome" and about sales, they have to be very good at selling the items, product knowledge, handling money, wearing nice clothing and heels that may not be comfy etc. But at the same time I can understand why they want to do that.

    Wow!! Styling her hair for 3.5 hours!! Well I know d.i.a has a very fancy look so the great hair is important.

    I'm looking forward to the continuation^^

  5. that's pretty much how work is in Japan no matter where you work. bosses are strict and workers have no say in things

  6. luckyyyy! I wish i could work in japan ne :D

    xoxo emimarie~

  7. i hear that working in japan is always very strict like that >< seems hard!
    i also wear the diamond lashes :D and OMG OMG i love eva toooooo <3 <3 <3

  8. Wooow how nice! working @ dia!! And she is so damn cute!! *.*

  9. WOW SO COOL! your blog rocks!

  10. ahhh, i love your blog! *u* i got hooked when i read this for the first time. keep it up!!
    hälsningar från skandinavien!!

  11. Best wishes to Yukino chan!! That's harsh what her boss said, I think she's so beautiful and _perfect_!!! <3