Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We Are in EGG x2!! 私達はエッグに入ってるx2!!

When Leon, KenKen, Mr Jakob, Anica, Reina and me were going to visit Jenni in Shibuya 109 we got stopped by an EGG snap photographer.
She said that our picture might be in the December issue of EGG.

The same time they were making some TV-show with these girls.
The girl to the left have the typical EGG or Popteen look so she is probably famous but don't know her name.

When the December issue came out yesterday, we were suprisingly
on the biggest picture in the "Snap section". Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!^^

"Welcome to Japan!", "Yes, Pose!!" is written on the picture.
And that we communicate in Swedish and English and met in a club.
I guess that is 50% true or something! ;D

Love all of the people in the picture!! So nice genuine people, not easy to find such nice people!!^^

I brought the magazine to school and showed Mr. Jakob and he
couldn't believe his eyes!! Never seen him so happy!! ;D

The fact that three people from the school(Mr. Jakob, Anica and Me) was in the magazine created mass hysteria in school!!! Everybody wanted to take a look! ;)

Amadeus couldn't wait to read all of it!! So when everybody else was going through the text book in school, he was actually reading EGG!! :O

He's too clever sometimes, that Amadeus!! He thought it was the craziest magazine he ever read.
Every page is like an explosion of pictures and crazy Gyaru language.

And as I mentioned earlier, me and some Gyaru-friends are also in the new Men's EGG Youth Magazine.

Feels fun and strange to be in two out of three EGG magazines right now. :)

Another funny thing in the magazine was to see pictures of how Shougo, Bataason and Takkezou looked when they were small! Hahah Shougo was happy back then too!! =D

The latest EGG superstar Zukkii(left) was also in the magazine with
Kanako Kawabata.

I remember when I met him in the store MAYHEM two weeks ago in Shibuya 109-2 and told him that I might have seen him somewhere.

He said "Ah, thank you." and when I came out from the Shibuya 109-2
building he was on big pictures everywhere... XD
A little bit emberrasing...

Outside Shibuya 109-2 right now:

Zukkii on the right side together with Chiibo, Minorun and Takkezou.

Zukkii is also one of the most popular "Youth Blog Boys".
Other people you might recognize from pictures in this blog is
Minorun, Chiibo, Naokyun, Takkezou and Yuunyan.

One of my "Double Heart"-friends Marika aka Marifume is also
in the magazine. She is half-Phillipino, half-Japanese and even
more nice than she is cute!!

Me and Marifume at a Double Heart party. She will be moving to Australia for
a year soon. I'm gonna miss her soo much. =(

And then we have Recchi, who keeps looking perfect everytime you see her...

Here in a "Space outfit".


  1. Hi!
    I found your blog some days ago. It's very interesting and cool! (^_^)

  2. The girls in the 2nd pic are Juliet :)

  3. wow! awesome! Con Grats! That's really great! ~<3
    makes u happy for sure! ^__^v

  4. These girls in the second picture are famous. They're JULIET!

  5. That is so awesome you are in Egg!! You and your friends look so cool in the picture. Will you autograph my issue of Egg?? XD

    You are friends with Marika?! I'm so jealous!! I follow her blog, because you know I am an extreme tutuHA fangirl haha. She looks so great in her Egg photo too >3<

  6. Aww so cool, you got to be on the EGG issue *-*

    Oh btw, those 3 girls on the second pic are Juliet, a jpop trio~ ^^

  7. thank you! I didn't know Marika was half filipina >.< Im filipina too and still newbie to gyaru so im really inspired to know all of this! Thanks so much!! and oh Im so thrilled to know you're on a magazine and making it big in Japan! Keep it up pls!

  8. That's so cool you have the biggest shot in the section~ but fun how they write random things XD

  9. How much your tutuHA goggles cost in the 109 shop? i saw one pair in mbok and they were 7000 yen ;___; (too much for meeee)

  10. OHMYGOSH! Is recchi only 18y old? :O

  11. You are becoming famous!!! I envy you!!! xD!! Those girls of the tv show are Juliet, a popular gyaru band in Japan!! ^o^

  12. AW JULIET *_* ♥
    reminds me at the fact that i wanted to pre order their new singleee~~~

  13. wow! congratulations! :D

    what do Youth Blog Boys blog about? you should be there, too :)