Monday, December 13, 2010

Street Snap of the Day 今日のストリートスナップ #11

When I was passing by Kabukichou in Shinjuku, I saw these two
in line to McDonalds.

But exactly when I was gonna start taking pictures of them a big
crew of tourists wanted to do the same thing.

I wanted to take pictures from different angles and ask a lot of questions
but I were in a hurry and it just kept coming up more and more tourists
that wanted to take pictures with them.

I wonder how many times in a day people ask them for pictures?

The blonde guy seemed excited but I think the guy with red hair
fell asleep after some photos! XD


  1. I like your pictures of 'street Snap of the Day'
    They are alway awesome to watch ♥
    Is it not always the same, that when you make a picture from special things/peoples, anybody want the same? xD

    warm regards ^__^

  2. Great pics, those guys look awesome! ^^

  3. sugoooooooooooi~ :D
    I like it very much!

    What do you ask when you want to take photos?
    Just briefly "Can I take a photo of you?" xD haha

  4. Love their outfits~! The blonde's hair is so awesome too!
    Your street snaps are always cool :D

  5. Hi hi~~~!

    Your blog rocks!!! I already looked at it daily before having this blog but now that i have, I am your follower!! ^0~ hahaha

    These two people have a cool style! I love the red hair guy's T-shirt!! **

    I'll be looking at your blog~~


  6. Love piks!!!

    Folow your blog :D