Friday, December 17, 2010

Street Snap of the Day 今日のストリートスナップ #12

This host-looking guy was standing around talking with two
fan girls/customers in Kabukichou.

He was playing with two cake cell phone straps that I think he
just got as gifts from his two girl friends.

He only wanted to speak in English and all he could say was:
"Yes!!!" and "Allright!!!".
So he answered that to every question I asked him while both
he and his "cake straps" were smiling. XD

The only time he did not say "Yes!!!" or "Alright" as answer was
when I asked if he's a Host.
Then he answered: -"No, I'm Kyabakura"(The female version of Hosts)

It must have been a joke but I almost believed him since he looked
a lot like a girl and were very feminine.

Think it's very intresting that the more a guy looks like a girl in Japan,
the more popular he gets.
My theory why it got like this is that Japanese people never touch eachother even though it's sexual oriented Manga and pictures everywhere which makes the sexual tension between the different sexes so intense and hard that they can't take it and most of the time only hang out in "girl-groups" or "guy-groups".

But when a guy that looks like a girl comes it messes up people's mind in some way that takes away this tension.
There's also a lot of bad guys that try to take advantage of Japanese girls so they seem to think that most guys just want to talk with them for sex and are extremley suspicous. 

But when it comes to guys looking like girls, the girls don't fear anything bad will happen because they're just like their nice girl friends. Or something...

What do you think..??


  1. I dunno about that theory... I mean my mother's Japanese but I was born overseas and I still like feminine looking guys... I put it down to the instinctual theory that some females are attracted to males who look like they have less testotserone because they are more likely to stay and look after the child after the female has given birth. While a male who has overly masculine features and has a lot of testosterone would leave and want to keep reproducing with other women. Also how they're usually delicate and look after themselves kind of represents how might they treat their girlfriends?
    But I don't really know why...

  2. I don't have anything to say about the theory, but for some reason i like feminine men too ^^''

    And i have to say that the moment i saw those streetsnap pictures, i knew it was a girl :)
    I guess i'm used to watching so many feminine Asian men that i can easily see thw difference between real girls and boys..
    The shape of the face tells very much ! ^^

  3. I think it's just a matter of preferance rather than something so in depth.
    what you find attractive and what you don't.

    it also comes down to what is feminine and what is manly.
    I've kind of given up the categories because in the end it just so happens that these days girls are seen to wear one thing and guys are seen to wear another (for majority)

    people are people and should be able to dress however they want and from what I can tell in Tokyo there are a few who see it as something rebellious and strange, a lot who accept and embrace it, and others who simply don't care either way.

    I don't think girls see guys that are so fashionable as 'safer'
    what I'm saying is I see guys like the one you posted here to be just as 'male' as I would see a more plain dressed one with short hair and no makeup ect. XD

  4. Åh, intressant. Jag tycker också massivs om Japan, men har blivit mer och mer intresserad av just det japanska folket. Deras sätt, hur de uttrycker sig, förhållandet mellan kvinnor och män (som alltid verkar så himla krystat och generat). Vore jättekul att höra lite mer om sånt faktiskt.

    Sen så undrar jag vilka de två serierna är som du tagit bilderna ifrån? ^^

  5. I also think that basically it's down to the preference. Though, I do find that most girls prefer more feminine(or cute) looking guys. I'm not sure why's that, because I never seriously thought about this factor, but maybe fashion has a lot to do with it... in high-fashion, most males are androgynous, in commercials, guys are cute (not really sure here as I don't watch commercials, so this is based on a few print commercials that I've seen). In Japan (and some other asian countries), there are idols that look feminine. So, in the end, I think it's more or less a media influence. As well as a fact that some girls just feel more comfortable (note: not safe, but comfortable) with more feminine looking guys.
    But then again, maybe there are some other psychological reasons.

    Street Snap of the Day: I like the way he wore his pants+socks+boots :D

  6. Gay host are called also Kyabakura so that must be the reason why he introduced himself as a kyabakura.