Monday, December 20, 2010

Gyaru-Photoshoot for ELLE エッルのギャル撮影

Today we made a really cool photoshoot for the fashion magazine ELLE with some Gyaru as models. 
So much fun!!

My friend Said was taking the photos.
He goes to the same Japanese school as me, is a professional photographer and journalist for the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan. He also has a very very good camera!!

Said has been taking a lot of photos for the fashion blogger and journalist Maria on this picture.
She will soon be going home to Sweden after four years in Japan so the magazine ELLE wanted to make an article about her stay here.

Maria wanted to have some Gyaru posing with her on some pictures
and Said have been reading this blog so he contacted me about it.
I have been reading Marias interesting Japan/Fashion-blog for about 2 years so I was so happy to be part in this!!

When we were taking some test photos outside "Purikura Mekka" in Shibuya these girls came up and started screaming "Kawaii!!"(cute) to Maria. =)

Since we were outside Purikura Mekka we had to take some Purikura pictures with the cool Gal gang and Maria.

Said documented the Purikura-session for ELLE.

After a lot of posing it was time for the results:

Maria that usually has big eyes got really big eyes!! =D
The Japanese girls must be so jealous!
This Purikura machine is called "Bambi" so it's supposed to give you eyes like a deer.^^

While the photos were being printed out we played some memory and small talked:

After that Yukino and her friend joined us for the next photo-session.

The next photoshoot were in Shibuya Crossing which is the biggest crossing in the world. Sometimes as much as 10 000 people pass by at one green light...

Yukino and her friend were suppose to look they were going to cross the street.

While Maria was waiting on someone next to a post.

     On the way to the arcade hall where the next photo session were to take place, I met Tsuushi(to the left of me) which I know from the EGG Youth Party.

     He was happy to take part in the Gaming-shoot for ELLE.

Tsuushi and Maria were battling in the game "Guitar Freaks V7"

     It was a very successful and super fun photoshooting and Maria turned out be a very nice person!!
Both her and Said were really great and easy to work with!^^
Also big thanks to Yukino, her friend, tsuushi and the Purikura-girls!! =)

Maria wrote a blog entry about the photoshoot and also a bit about me and my blog which was really nice of her.

You can read that blog-entry HERE.

As you can see the site is in Swedish but it works pretty good to translate with "Google translate."

Here is some of what she wrote:
"We have matured a lot during the day with a Swedish guy who's integrated himself into Shibuyas gyaru-circles, Fredrik. He helped us getting models and is a bit of a celebrity in Shibuya with his blonde look. Everyone cheered and looked.  

Among other things, Fredrik, with me and Said in tow, posed for the magazine Men's Knuckle (aka Menaku with all the filth and outlaw fashion as I reported a few years ago, remember?) together with a known male model who I think was called Kenzo. It all took place inside the Shibuya department store with 109's guy fashion, Shibuya 109-2."

If you wonder about the photo-shoot for Men's Knuckle, I will of course make a blog entry about that later too!!


  1. Great photos, as always! Thank you for indtroducing Maria's blog, I didn't know it! Very interesting!
    I looove the fur har-scarf-gloves thingy one of the gyarus is wearing :DDDDDDDDD

  2. woah you´re kind of celebrity in Shibuya haha congrats for all your succes!! :D

  3. Wow, I really love all the pics and guy, you rocks!~

  4. Maria's life and blog are what I wish I was doing now. I hate being stuck in University TT haha

    I love how huge her eyes got in the puri, it's amazing! Thats why I always squint in puri kura, so the eyes don't become giant haha!

    I'm looking forward to the Men's Knuckle post!!

    PS:: Did you get my FB message?

  5. Estela:
    I'm not even close to being a celebrity in Shibuya but thank you so much!!! =)

    Yes I got your FB message and I have finally answered it now! =)
    Sorry for taking such a long time to do it!

    Thank you all sooo much for the comments,
    it's so nice to read them!! ^^

  6. Nice post! I actually found your blog from Maria's blog.