Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gachapin Audition ガチャピンオーディション

Highlight of the night!! Me and Dawn(right) met these two fun people that
were going to an audition for being the popular character Gachapin in a TV-show! =D

Started off by going to a new Izakaya in Shinjuku with Yulia and Kousuke from
Fukushima. He recently moved to Tokyo making cups like the one you see on the picture and said there's a lot of Gyarus/Gyaru-O in Fukushima as well.

Then I were going to Shibuya to meet Leon.
On the way there I met this Gyaru-circle(Gyaru group) that is always hanging out in Shibuya.

Their Gyaru circle consists of 44 members! I thought Gyaru cirles were much smaller than that. 
Shou to the right is half-Australian, half-Japanese and the guy left t me is
half-American, half-Japanese.

They were meeting up to travel to Onsen(hot springs) in Nagano with bus.

They will organize an event called D-1 Dream Project 28th December so I got
an invitation.
Three of my favorite models(Kanako, Romihi, Aya) will be there but sadly can't
go because I will be in Sweden for three weeks around the end of the year.

If anybody of you are or will be in Tokyo I think it's gonna be a lot of fun!!
They said everybody is welcome. =)
If you wonder anything about the event, just ask me here in the comments or send me a mail: agepoyo@live.se

On the way to the Izakaya where Leon was I passed by Shibuya 109
where it's allways something going on.

They had changed the commercial on the building and put up big "Merry Xmas" signs.

Leon were at the Izakaya together with his friend working at Disrev in Shibuya 109-2.
We talked about working in Shibuya 109 and soccer.

I asked if they were looking for any people in his store but they said you had to be totally fluent in Japanese to work in Shibuya 109 and also you had to have a certain style from one of the stores there.

Daisy- or Disrev-style for example.

Me: -"So what style am I??"

Leon: -"Umm... you're not really any style from Shibuya 109."

          -"Ah, you look like Cloud." (The most famous character from the video game Final Fantasy)

Well, I know I don't look like him but I'm happy to hear some Japanese people think so!!^^

Then we met the awesome Gachapin-duo!
I really hope they get the job as Gachapin!!^^

These happy people were sitting in a staircase outside club Camelot.
I thought it looked cool! =)

Have got a mail from the magazine Egg to apply for being a model so I finished off the day by doing that.

Since I can't work at Shibuya 109-2 yet, it would be awesome to be an Egg model. 
Maybe you don't need to know as much Japanese for that.


  1. Goodluck with the application!I pray you get in ^_____^ pls dont forget us! HAHA!

  2. Always enjoy your posts! :D I want to go on a gyaru-o street snap hunt with you 8DDD but I'm in Poland now, snap! XD

  3. Oh you are going home just as I am coming to Tokyo. I really wanted to meetup with you!!

    I wouldn't mind to be called Cloud either, Cloud is awesome XDD

    Good luck with the Egg model application, please tell us when you get accepted!!

  4. Fredrikさんの写真はすごいですよ〜
    I realy like to look your picture 〜^

  5. hope you become an egg model! that'd be amazing!

  6. I just moved from Fukushima to Tokyo too ^^

  7. Great pics! I'm your newest follower (^_^)