Friday, December 31, 2010

Swedish Gyaru-meeting!! スウェーデンのギャル出会い!!

Right now in my home country Sweden for the holidays but if you thought the Gyaru-madness ends when you leave Japan you thought wrong!! ;D

Today we had a Gyaru meeting in Stockholm arranged by Rebecca on the picture that's running the awesome blog Kira Kira Dreams!

She's been having Lolita-style and used to make fantastic Cosplay-creations to wear at conventions, but lately she's into Gyaru-style.

Read her blog Kira Kira Dreams here!! 

So the meeting place today was not Shibuya with all its scryscrapers and gigantic screens but Stockholm with its old buildings and snow. ;)

For some reasons it's almost impossible to find Swedish food in Stockholm but there's lots of Asian resturants. We went to a Thai restaurant called Sawadee.

Thailand is actually the most popular destination for Swedish people to travel to. One of the reasons is the good food!!^^

We walked around in a lot of stores to check out the holiday sales.
I had no idea Sweden have lots of kinds of fake eye lashes because I very rarely see anybody wear it compared to Japan.

While shopping we took some group pictures in a big mirror in the store Gina Tricot.

Many camera flashes at the same time!! :D

Sofia to the right was wearing some CocoLulu-stuff.

She also got a cool blog here!!

We also had time to talk a lot about hair at Wayne's Coffe...

Erika to the right had very "Gyaru-stylish" hair. She and Sofia next to her will be coming to Japan in March this year.

The picture is taken from her blog where she also put up this funny video from meet-up:


  1. all of you look fantastic! :)

  2. Swedish gyaru are so cute! :D
    I follow Rebecca's blog and I looooooove her style. I wish I could meet all of you too!! (Y_Y*)

  3. Oh that's so great you could have a gyaru meetup in Sweden too and keep the gyaru spirit going XD I love Rebecca, so sweet and beautiful!

  4. I love these meet up pictures so much!!!
    Everyone looks so great! I wish I could meet you all in Sweden! ^^

    Very great post, Fredrik !!

  5. Everyone is so cute!!!!! *___* Happy New Year Fredrik!!!!!

  6. Thank you everyone and I hope we all can have a meeting sometime!!!^^

    Have a great 2011 Nenacho, Sanna, SaraMari, Magdalena, Mimisa and everybody else!!!!!! =D

  7. I had a great time! ^__^ looking forward to seeing you again! I hope we can hang out in Tokyo :D