Thursday, December 2, 2010

Super Dog Special!!! スーパ犬スペシャル!!!

Hey everybody, it's time for the Super Dog Special!!! ;D

One day when a Bumble Bee dog came walking down the street, I realized that I have to do a Super Dog Special. =D

This is a blog entry about the fashionable dogs that makes life worth living!!^^

Dogs with purple tails are pretty rare. It looks real...

When I asked this man for a dog photo...


...he pulled up glasses to put on them!! :D

These two dogs were almost as dressed up as their owners.
In Odaiba where we saw them you can rent dogs for a day, maybe that's what they had done.

Car full of mafia dogs passed by and created chaos in town.
The car is a mercedes. The Japanese mafia, the Yakuza, in Japan usually drive Mercedes or BMW.

After I took a photo with the dogs, everybody wanted to do it.
It's the same with celebrities, nobody dare to ask them for a photo until somebody else done it first,
then they feel that it's accepted and it becomes an event.

Japanese people looooves events. Me too!!! :D

One robot dog were hanging around with a cow and panda in the game center in Odaiba.

KenKen teamed up with the dog!

And I choosed a pig!!

Amadeus allways has to be special so he picked a monster bug... :/

Watch a video of the craziness!!!

The dogs might win today...

But as soon as the cats get out of their small cages, they will take their revenge. 

Big Time.


  1. I love dogs! And this site so pretty!!

    Follow you! ^.^

  2. those mafia dogs are awesome :O
    I want to take a picture with them too haha!
    too late...~

    Is that cat in the pet shop in shibuya??

  3. those "mafia dogs" belong to the guy who owns the ai group host clubs and onabe bars in kabukicho. nothing mafia about them! ;D
    they are lying in front of ai honten mostly every evening too.

  4. nyahahahah the video is AWESOME LOL hahahahha!!!!

  5. I love dogs, but i prefer cats, and the cat in the last pic,...IS SOO CUTEE~! *A*

  6. how tall are you? im just asking coz you seem quite tall... and i heard that swedish boys are tall XD

  7. You haven't rally answerd to the earlier posts comments...

  8. This was a funny post !
    You look like a nice guy and your blog is great :)
    You get a new follower, haha~

  9. Hi~ Love your stuff!

    I've just created my blog and I'm looking for gyaru and gyaru-o ~


  10. viivi:
    Yes I'm really sorry.
    I have a lot of tests in school and paper work for staying in Japan right now, but will answer every question as soon as I can!
    Sorry! :(

  11. kawaii~

    ... I mean, what else could be said xD

  12. p.s.: good luck on your tests and with your paper work!

  13. Aww so cute:D Im more of a cat person though so the last picture is my fave:)

  14. I just stumbled across your blog and I bookmarked it, its very interesting and funny!!

    This post is hilarious and cute!! I found myself laughing out loud while reading it.Especially the part where the guy carrying his dogs put glasses on them for pics XD

    Keep up the good work =D You have a very awesome life in Japan!