Monday, October 17, 2011

Street Snap of the Day #41

Saw this man running around in Shinjuku from far away. =)

When I asked for a photo he wanted to put on his tiger mask first.

Transformed into a tiger he did thumbs up for photo and continued his run in the concrete jungle. ^^


  1. Aaaw~ I recently found your blog, and, oh my god, I falled in love ♥
    Really, I love your blog ♪ I like the way you discribe, the picture you post...
    So, thank you to share us your Japan's life, that's really pleasant~ ^o~ ♥


  2. LOLLL wow that's so awesome!! i wanna go to Japan one day~~~~ hhaha

  3. this guy is super famous in tokyo. he have been on tv a couple of times too :)