Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Laughed at by Millions on TV ;)

One week ago I became known in TV as a "Charai"(Playboy) who buys crazy hats for my countries money...

Here's how it happened:

Since there's no English subtitles I will try to explain and translate the show.

My guest house had been choosen to be on a show about people that's poor but still happy. It was the most watched show on TV that night in Japan.

Here's two of the poor girls. Pretty funny that those two are considered poor in Japan...

As in many Japanese TV-shows a panel of famous people are watching and discussing everything that is shown.

While you're watching you can randomly see the famous people's reactions in the box in the upper left corner.

Here's the translation of my clip:

The famous comedian duo Haruna and Haruka has come to our guest house and says:

-"I would like to see who else is living here."

That turns out to be a "23 year old international student from Sweden" named Fredrik...

They come into my room and goes:

-"It's really clean!" (Before the TV-show it was really dirty)

-"Oh you have Japanese magazines."

-"A Playboy bible!?"

Haruna and Haruka: -"Are you a player!?"

Me: -"I'm not a player."

Haruna: -"You take pretty much Purikura... Is that your girlfriend?"

Me: -"No, she's a friend."



Haruna: -"What's this?"

Me: -"A hat..."

Haruna: -"How much did it cost?"


Me: -"About 8000 Yen."

Haruna: -"Are you working now?"

 Me: -"No I get money from the Swedish gouvernment". (Loans mostly)

Haruna: -"Ah like a scholarship."

"-I can't believe this is what you're using Sweden's money for!"

Then some of the people in the studio laugh so much that they almost fall of their chairs.

Here's a longer version of the TV-show I'm in with a part from the studio and more info about my guest house:


14,5% of every household with a TV in Japan watched this show. Feels crazy  to think that more than 10 million people might have seen it.

It's been strange to be recognized in the streets and read people's comments about you in internet forums.

Thank you all so much for watching and recording this. I can't believe how nice everybody's been! ^^


  1. oh man, awesome!!
    I was waiting for this post (^ ^)

    I hope when I study in Japan, I have an experience like this!! I will probably also be using loan money ;D haha

  2. You looked really cool and were really funny well done :)

  3. That woman(?!) sure got some fucked up teeth..
    And btw you look way better on video than in pics :D

  4. Haha! Tack så mycket, det var underhållande! ^^
    Gillar att du köper hattar för csn-pengarna! Det har jag också gjort i min dag. Besökte de fler personer i ditt guesthouse i progammet, eller var det bara du?

  5. hahahahaa the comment about spending swedens money on that is sooooooooooooo funny haha I love it!! :D:D

  6. Lol! I think that after this show you will get a work... in men`s egg for example :D
    That would be nice :D
    So congratz! :D

  7. Haha, player! :D
    It was really cool to see you and your apartment in the TV-show, but I'm guessing it feels a bit strange to open up the door to your private space so that millions of viewers can see it! You're a celebrity now, Fredrik! ;)

  8. Gosh this was funny to watch! Enjoyed muchly

  9. xD I wish I could understand more! You are very brave to be on a show with comedians haha I would get nervous with their laughing

  10. i like that the girl is like "chotto ikemen" like you're not ikemen enough... lol! and not cool of the obasan to keep saying you're charai, but i guess it's kinda funny ^_-

    thanks for sharing with us!

  11. So cute video! I think lot of people will recognize you from now. Maybe they will want your autograph too! XDD

  12. I always feel bad for foreigners on Japanese TV because they are almost always made to look stupid, nerdy or weird. Still many foreigners want to be on Japanese TV haha, luckily you got to meet Haruka and Haruna they are funny^^

  13. Haha omg its so funny :D you're a cutie!!

  14. Thats so funny! I really like shows like this that lets you in on everyday people's lives. In America its all about celebrities and idols!

  15. WAOH!!! That was a GREAT experience!! Wasn't it!?? So you're famous! Ahahaha!
    Keep enjoying and telling us your experiences! ;D

  16. Super jealous!!! You are so lucky! ^.~

  17. keep up your practising your japanese so they don't have to make fun of you :)

  18. HILARIOUS!!! haha, klockrent program ju, fast synd att det var så kort! men kul att du fick vara med, det var kul att se hur du bor :D du har inget eget kök eller?? nu längtar jag tillbaka till japan...

  19. That was awesome! So now you are really famous! :D

  20. ahhhh seems like you are comfortable on tv! i guess you look cool on that interview ;)

  21. Hahahaha that is so funny! Love it xD And congratz for being on Japanese TV!

  22. Omg, you really are "the essence of scandinavian beauty" ! I understand that they call playboy, you must get tons of girls over there! Ps. very nice room. And you seem so laidback and crazy at the same time. <3 -asian fan from sweden

  23. I love it! That must have been a great experience :D

  24. ahahahah so sweet Lyck !!!! I liked the show !!

    you're famous ; )

    "PLAYER !!!!" XD

  25. hahahaha vad roligt