Saturday, July 2, 2011

Funny Moments #15 Shirts on the Wall

You can often see pictures of clothes as promotion.

But in Shinjuku station they actually put up real shirts directly on the wall.


  1. Can you remove the shirts and wear them? lol

    I would try >.<

  2. In Germany, people would take the shirts. They wouldn't last for one night.
    Here you can see a big difference in culture (bad for german people -.-)

  3. hahaha aweeesome, that's something I have never seen before! haha : D

  4. Lol, hahahaha .. that's so funny! It would be so epic if I could actually see that with my own eyes, I would totally burst out and laugh.. haha, love your blog by the way, I read every post ^o^ cheers from Thailand

  5. haha, it would be interesting to try to take it offxD
    There was a similar thing here in Iceland, except that it was art. And it was a lot of stuff in a ice, like accessory and stuff...and people broke down the ice to get it..:S
    The art was about who destroys more, human or eart/weather.


  6. Hey, I found your blog randomly today.
    It is really really interesting, I love they way you set it up and your style of writing.
    Untill just recently I was a student at a university in Osaka, and I plan to move back January next year.
    And honestly, from the moment I stepped foot in Osaka I became a Osaka girl, but I have only visited Tokyo once, reading your blog has rekindled my interest in Tokyo!!!
    I have also recently started to get more into the Gyaru fashion, so your blog has been really informative.
    I plan to start my own blog soon too (even though I will be in Australia for a few more months T_T)

    Keep up the good work

  7. OMG really?
    That's so cool, I hope I can come across one soon ;)