Friday, July 1, 2011

Dance Groove 2011

Last weekend the biggest gyaru circle event of the year called Dance Groove took place in Club Flower.

Went there with Rika.

Ashley and Shiena(in the picture) were two of the organizers.

Just as promised there was a lot of groovy dance. :D

Met Amber, Heather and Diane in the crowd.

In one corner of the club they had gold fishes and a lottery box!

I won hairspray again. Maybe there's some justice in this world after all! ;D

Para Para dance in the end.

Thanks for a fun event! =)


  1. Hair spray again!!! xD

    You make me want to go back to Japan so bad T__T

  2. nice photos! :D

    And I agree with Chococcuro, I want to fly to japan too ;;

  3. wooooow! The event seems really cool! ♥

    Hahaaa Hairspray, what a coincidence :D

  4. Oh fabulous! I was thinking of going, but I am not the party type of person, and I had plans with my friend so I didn't. I really appreciate you share the great photos, I can pretend I was there haha!

  5. aww...I wish I could go to a party like that><
    Or just learn Para para xD


  6. cool party!
    btw ville bara tipsa om en film, Men's egg drummers. du kanske redan vet om den men den ska gå på bio i japan nu tror jag. ^w^

  7. I love Shiena and Ashley :D
    That seems like so much fun!