Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sweden Street Snap #4

This trio were walking around in the supermarket "Hemköp" in the bottom of the department store "Åhléns".

Åhléns in central Stockholm.

The photoshoot happened to take place right in front of where all the candy is.
First I thought the girl to the right had brought the Hello Kitty rod but she just picked it up from there, and the next one found a "Geisha"-bag! How fitting!! =D 


Wherever you are in the world, I noticed you always find the coolest "Street Snap"-people
in the most unexpected places... Like Hemköp, you know! ;D


  1. Haha, Hemköp of all places, I love it! ^^

  2. I remember that Åhlen's clock which I have seen when I was in Stockholm haha :D Wanna come back to shop shop shop in Stockholm!

  3. I agree with Sofia! They all look really cute, especially the girl in the middle! ^^

    Nice pictures!

  4. Hello!
    Could I interview you and your blog?
    In order that your blog is cute and interesting.
    Please let me know as soon as possible.
    Hugs / / Jummi

  5. They're so cute!

    I find many cool looking people in my city, but I'm too shy to ask for pictures of them >.<

  6. I love the girl in the middle! She's adorable!! That shopping center looks HUGE! There's nothing like that here in Hawaii!

  7. Jummi:

    Yeah sure you can interview me if you want! =)

    Thank you for thinking so!!^^

    How do you want to do the interview??
    On Facebook/Mail/MSN?

    Facebook: Fredrik Lyck


    Because after looking at your blog I guess your in Sweden? I just came back to Japan so maybe it's hard to meet in person...