Thursday, January 20, 2011

Visitor Record, 1st Place and 300 followers!!^^

The day before yesterday, Tuesday the 18th January, this blog got a new visitor record with 1647 views in one day. It's not much compared to the most popular blogs out there, but I'm so happy that you want to read it!!^^

Sorry that the charts are in Swedish, I don't know how to change the language. :(

At it's peak it was 163 views in one hour, which is about 2,7 views per minute.

That day I was also number one and two on the site
It looked so funny when I saw it, like if the site was hacked, so I laughed a lot and that makes your life longer, right? ;D

Thank you so much for giving me some extra days of life, I hope I can repay you!!^^

The amount of people following this blog passed 300! Yaay!! :D
Thank you!! Tack!! Kiitos!! Gracias!! Merci!! Danke!! ありがとう!!^^

  The most read entry so far is "Finland goes Agepoyo!!" which you can read here! 

Most of the readers are from Finland followed by my home country Sweden and then Japan.

Translation of the chart:

Views per Country:
Finland             8710
Sweden            5899
Japan               4146
USA                 3773
Germany           3071
Spain               2148
Canada            1100
France             1098
United Kingdom  1012
Russia               341

Kissie has Sweden's most popular blog with 155 000 visitors per day.
I don't recommend it though...

Number two is Kenza with 143 000 visitors per day.

Kumicky has the most popular gyaru-blog in Japan and 194 000 friends on Mixi.
Mixi = Japan's Facebook 

The most visited blog in the world by a private person might be Perez Hilton's Hollywood Gossip blog with 3 million unique visitors per day!!! :O

But recently many claim that China's most famous writer Han Han is possibly number one with 
400 million hits so far...

Well, I'm still very happy for all of my lovely 1647 readers!!^^


  1. Haha, well congrats!!!! Keep up the good work. ;)

  2. Congratulations!!! THat`s because you have a very interesting blog!! I love reading it, your funny experiences and of course, your pictures!! ^o^

  3. omg that girl kissies lol
    the way she looks isn't a style?
    otherwise, congrats, your blog is new but very cool, you always make articles full of informations and you don't do it half way!

  4. Wow! Congratulations! ^^
    I really like reading your blog, because it's full of pictures, information and interesting things! Keep up the good work!

    - Milla

  5. Congrats ! I just discovered your blog not so long ago, and im loving it so far ! Im not surprised that a lot of people is loving it as well ! Keep up the good work ~~ =)

  6. yay I'm on that pic of your followers :'D I read Tuomas' blog, and got your address from there. Your blog has soooo much intersting stuff in it :o Keep on with the good work !

  7. Congeaaats!!!
    ive been wondering, is mixi more like myspace where you add hundreds of friends even if you don't know them or like facebook where you add just the people you know?

  8. congratulations! I'm sure as more people become aware of this blog, you will get lots and lots of followers!

  9. Anonymous:

    Thank you!! =)

    Ah that's a good question.
    I think there's much more people on Mixi that add people they don't know than on Facebook.

    Most of my Japanese friends has lots of friends on Mixi that they have never met, and many people first talk on Mixi and then meet in real life. Both dating and friendship meetings.

    But I think Mixi is still much more like Facebook than Myspace in most aspects.

    Gyaru tend to add other gyaru even if they don't know them, but maybe regular Japanese people only add their actual friends.

  10. I think I helped... I read your ENTIRE blog that day (-_-;;)/
    I've met Kenza before, when she visited Canada.

  11. Congrats!! ;D Keep up the good work!