Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can't Blog in China

On my way back to Japan I had a stop in Beijing where I thought I was gonna  blog to kill some time.
But you can't access Blogger in China, just like Facebook and YouTube. :/ 

No wonder I don't have any blog visitors from China, at least not in the statistics.
I heard about these kinda regulations so many times but felt strange to actually experience it.

But the airport was really beautiful so I took some pictures.

First place I have been to where not even the "Coca Cola"-logo is written in English
as on the can to the left.

This girl were having something called "Free Event" where you could try drawing Chinese characters. Some of the Chinese ones looks a bit different from the Chinese characters called "Kanji" that are used in Japanese.

She was the closest I came to a "Street Snap" in China.
It was pretty hard to find people that was standing out from the crowd there.
I wonder if it would be ok to dress like a gyaru there or if you would get arrested with that hair style etc??

Think she had drawn these. Chinese characters looks so cool!!


  1. I follow this one girls blog. She's an upcoming fashion designer and she often goes to China for business. She's not gyaru but her fashion sense is pretty out there. So I'm sure it's not illegal, but it is probably looked down upon....or maybe it's just highly uncommon? I'm going to China this summer though, so I'll get to see how it is!! :D
    That airport is beautiful though! And her calligraphy! She makes it look fun :D

  2. When I went to China for 3 weeks, I almost died cos I couldn't access any social sites D:
    haha, You defiantly wont be arrested by dressing in gyaru, but I think you'll be stared at alot :L

  3. Wow, what a cool airport, seems like it would be less boring killing some time when it looks like that!

  4. I went to China last summer and I actually saw the majority of most girls wearing gyaru influenced kind of stuff. But I dressed gyaru too and got stared at a lot hah.