Saturday, January 29, 2011

Two-Shot with Gohan!!

This gyaru-O called Gohan* was waiting for the first morning train at Shibuya station like me.
I have seen him lots of times at Club Atom. 

*Gohan = Rice in Japanese

Me: -Did you go to Atom tonight?

Gohan: -Yeah, as soon as I get a day off from work I go there.
Ah, aren't you Yukino's friend?

Me: -Yes how do you know!?

Gohan: -I saw you together on Egg Mgg TV.

Me: -You're hair is awesome, how long did it take to do it??

Gohan: -Just 30 minutes, I'm a hair stylist.
But I would rather have blonde hair like you.

Me: -I always see you with another guy in Atom. Are you best friends?

Gohan: -Ah yeah I guess so, I were with him today too.

After I had taken the photos of Gohan in the subway we were riding he laughed for almost two minutes.

Gohan: -Hahah that's the first time I've ever been in a photo in the train... (I'm not sure if it's OK to take pictures in the Japanese trains)

Gohan: -"Two-shot".

Me: -Eh? No I took three photo shots.

Gohan: -I mean, let's take a "two-shot".
(Appearently that means to take a picture together)

So the Japanes lesson of today is:
Gohan = Rice
Two-Shot = A picture together


  1. It's cool how you know so much people, and meet them randomly in the street, or in the train like now.

    Japanese people have wonderful clothes and the best attitude!

  2. teipattu:

    Yeah I agree with you that a lot of Japanese people have really nice attitude and amazing clothes! =)

    I like the fact that you can make friends in the streets in Japan, at least if you recognize eachother or kinda have something in common.

  3. Do you speak english or japanese with the japanese people? Can japanese people speak good english?

  4. Buw:

    I speak Japanese with them.
    But "Two-Snap" for example is an English loan word, or "Katakana word".

    It's rare with Japanese people that can speak English, especially among gyaru people.

    The Japanese people that can speak good English are usually the ones that have lived overseas for a while.

  5. Waaah nice entry!
    His hair really is cool...~

    Hmm why shouldn't it be okay to take photos in trains? I remembered when you took photos of this tiger-lady in the train, too XDDD....

    Btw, how tall are you?

  6. he has a cool style~
    especially his hair!

    god man~ i LOVE your blog. Thanks so much for your posts!!!

  7. lol @ that last part of the convo. I wouldn't have guessed correctly what that meant.

  8. Hehe! It's so great that people are recognizing you everywhere! It seems like you're someone who's very friendly like that~ it's great!
    I think it's also sweet that he wanted to take a picture with you! ^^

    Well, I've been reading your blog for a long time, but for some reason I always forget to comment! >.<''
    I'm sorry!!

    Just wanted to say that I love your blog and I hope you keep it up! I especially like the snapshots you post, and that your information isn't just about gyaru & Japan but that you also explain things about Swedish culture, too~ :)

    Thanks for writing such an awesome blog! can't wait to read more, and hopefully bump into you in Shibuya one day! ^^v

  9. Two Snap = A picture together
    勉強になりました、ありがとう~! ^^
    I love his name!

    Är också avis för den snygga hårstylingen. o.O

  10. actually it's "two shot"!

    two shot torou - let's take a two shot :)

    It's "wasei eigo" - Japanese English. There is no word "two shot" in English but they created their own word using English ^^

  11. heatherchan:

    You are right!! That's what he said, I just remembered wrong. >_<

    Sorry everybody for telling you wrong, it's "Two-shot" and not "Two-snap".

    Ah so it's called "wasei eigo"! =)
    Yeah I love when Japanese people create their own new words. ;D

  12. Yukimi:

    Thanks!! Yeah it looked even better in real life, he's skilled! =)

    Yeah I think it's ok to take photos inside trains in other countries, and I've been taken photos before inside Japanese trains. But somebody told me it's not OK but I will have to check.

    I'm 180cm tall.

    Cool that you change your picture every time you comment!^^
    Don't feel pressure to always change it though!

  13. Nikki B.:

    I totally agree! I love his style and hair!

    Oh thank you so much for reading and commenting! That's really nice to hear!! =)

  14. 。★゚♡*CrystallyzeD*♡゚★。:

    Hahah yeah me neither but I think he held up his phone to take a photo of both of us, so that's when I got a clue. =D

  15. 華 ♡°・.。:

    Oh thank you very much for your nice comment! =)
    People aren't recognizing me everywhere but there is kinda lika a group of gyaru-people where everybody somehow are connected or know someone that know the other person or something like that you know.

    And then once in a while someone might recognize you from EGG or something like that.

    Yeah I'm happy he wanted to take a picture together!^^

    Oh ok I'm happy you have been reading it and like it and that you also commented!! =)
    Thank you!! I try to have a little variation in the posts even if the focus might be on Japanese fashion.

    Yeah you seem like a nice person and I like your blogs too! I follow now.
    Hope we meet in Shibuya sometime!^^

    You can add me on Facebook if you want:
    Fredrik Lyck

  16. Ri:

    Förlåt jag försökte vara Japanska-lärare där men det gick inte så bra! >_<

    Det ska vara "Two-Shot" och inte "Two-Snap".
    Jag skriver för mycket om Street Snaps och sånt antar jag, så jag har det ordet på huvet... :/

    Ja jag kunde inte sluta stirra på hans hår haha... XD

  17. Fredrik:

    Haha, ja jag såg precis det. Okej, Two-Shot! ^^
    Ska absolut komma ihåg det. Låter lite coolare än det vanliga "Kan vi ta ett foto tillsammans" iaf. ^^

    Jag kanske får fixa håret hos honom när jag drar till Tokyo (bara två månader kvar i Miyazaki! o.O). Här på landet är det...ja... inte bra. :P

  18. Haha~ yeah, that's so true! I think it's getting easier and easier to spot gyaru & gyaru-o bloggers these days...yay internet! hehe~
    But, even when you went to Sweden, it seems like your fame is spreading~ :)
    I hope even more people will read your blog now! You really deserve it! ^^

    Oh! You didn't have to do that! Thank you so much, though! :)
    I just enjoy reading all of your posts and looking at your pictures~
    I definitely see what you mean though: it's good to have a main focus (like Japanese fashion), but still talk about other things, too! :)

    Yeah~ that would be so much fun!!
    I'm hoping to visit more frequently now that my boyfriend moved back to Japan, so hopefully we can meet and hang out someday!! :D

    Sure~ I'll add you~ Thanks!♪

  19. Ri:

    Hahah jo det låter faktiskt mycket coolare än på svenska!! XD

    Ja det var en bra idé, det skulle jag också vilja! =)
    Ah så du flyttar till Tokyo om två månader??

    Jag trivdes faktiskt inte heller så bra på Japanska landsbygden i längden, även om jag tycker det är trevligt att vara där kortare stunder.

    Men det händer så otroligt lite där jämfört med i storstaden och så är jag livrädd för alla gigantiska kryp...

    Har jag dig på Facebook??

  20. Fredrik:

    Eller hur! ^^

    Jepp det är planen, måste bara fixa nytt jobb och boende. Börjar få lite panik, men har ju lite tid kvar ändå. :P

    Precis, en kortare stund är helt okej! Det är skönt att ha bil, men jobbigt att *behöva* använda den vart man än ska.

    Yes det har du! Fast där heter jag Lisa W (har självklart hela namnet där, men känns lite weird att skriva det här ^^;) Det var jag som mejlade om det där gyaru-eventet innan jul; kunde inte gå i slutändan, men tack för infot! ^^