Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Shibuya Comback!! ;D

It feels great to be back in Japan, and back in Shibuya!!^^

Kin from the website SnapWalker took this photo.

Kin stands close to Shibuya 109 and takes street snaps of gyaru which will then be ranked by people who vote at the web site.

He took the following photos of me after I had been to the hair salon Rizel which you can read about here.

You can find those photos here on SnapWalker.

And then Kin called me up some days ago and said that he wanted to take photos of my "New Style" so I had to come up with one... ;)

Kin was happy and said that I have Swedish style today...
I think many Japanese people imagine Scandinavian people to always dress in these kinda 
"Nordic patterns" I have on the scarf and fleece shirt.

I only have one vote so far, so please vote for me hahah..!! XD
To vote you click the "イイネ!"-button that looks like this:

"イイネ!" (ii ne) literally means "Good, right?" and is on Mixi what the "Like"-button is on Facebook.

You can vote on me here!!

(There's no spam filter so you can click the button infinite times...)

Currently this girl is number one with 6279 votes.
But not for long, right? ;D


  1. kept clicking ii ne for like a gajillion times XD

  2. Louise~:

    Hahah thank you so much!!!^^

    I don't know how to thank you, but at least I will follow your nice blog!! =)

    Hopefully Kin & CO will be chocked when they check the voting next time! ;)

  3. No problem at all. And thanks for following back (* V *)~

  4. turtle:

    Thank you!!!! :D

    I will follow your blog too and of course vote for you if you appear in a contest sometime!!^^

    Nice drawings at your blog and I see you like Bakuman, I like it too!!
    Maybe not as good as Death Note, but loove the drawings!

  5. oh so easy to vote for you a lot! i helped you get to 500...i hope you can get up a lot more!

  6. Thank you!!!!! =D

    Yeah I just saw it reached 500 and was kinda suprised!^^

  7. I click it until my fingers hurt! we support you!!!!

  8. Yapo Nightroad:

    Wow thank you, thats almost too hardcore!!! ;D

    741 votes now.^^

    I will follow all your blogs, seem intresting!! =)

    How did you make the mobile version??
    It works for those regular Japanese Docomo phones that all young people use, right??

  9. si-h:

    I tried to follow your blog btw, but it's wordpress so seems like I can't. :/

    But I know you can apply Google Friend Connect to it if you want.

    Anyhow I saved it as a favorite!! =)

  10. I love your blog!
    I'll vote for you as many times as possible ^ ^
    (Oh wow, you've allready got 2500 votes.. 8D)

    xx (oh, and I'm from Holland, you should totally come sometimes, there are a lot of awesome people here ;D)

  11. Congrats on the street snap, that ranking system is really fun feature for the readers.

    I should get a bigger lens for my camera so I can take street snaps and seem like a professional rather than just some weirdo haha

  12. さらまり:

    Thanks you!!! =)
    It's no big deal, but it's fun!

    Yeah that ranking system is a pretty cool thing, as long as people doesn't take it too seriously.

    Oh I'm sure nobody thinks you're a weirdo!!
    Did you get the "Kanako-picture" and the Purikura I sent btw?? =)

    Hope you had a great stay in Japan and comes back soon!!!^^

  13. Anonymous:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Happy Nyappy!!!^^

    I really really wanna go to Holland sometime, I've never been there!!
    It seems like an awesome country with really cool people!! :)

    Dutch sounds a bit similar to Swedish by the way, even though I don't understand it. :/

  14. I used i-frame for my main blog and another layout code for the the "mobile-blog" I can send you the codes if you like, im just not sure if it works for docomo phones, but as long as you can send photos to blogger via mobile phone then it should work :3 :3~