Friday, January 14, 2011

Sweden Street Snap #3

This cool girl were walking around in "Kista Galleria".

I thought she was inspired by Japanese fashion but she said it was "Glam-Rock"-style.

Then I came to think about when the triplets from the band Wild Flowers went to my Japanese
school Kai. Everybody in the school thought they were hosts or gyaru but they were glam-rockers.

Among many other things they have been kissing Lady Gaga in her music video for "Paparazzi".
I will write more about them later!


  1. well I think Visual Kei for example has developed from western glam rocj music/style. and this visual kei stuff has inspired also the gyaru/gyaru-o-fashion I they look oftenly a lot like glam rockers^^
    sorry for my bad english m(_ _)m

  2. Shou-chan:

    Ah intresting comment!
    I didn't know that but it makes sense when you say it.

    So all of those styles are somehow related then I guess..?

  3. i never though about it before but glam rockers hair is really like gyaru-o O___O!

  4. Hej! Tack för en super-blog!
    Har stött på nordbor inspirerade av gyaru förr, mig själv inräknad. (Var i japan i oktober och kom hem med Diamond Lash och 2 ½ svans. Den första gick sönder! >.< ) Men jag har aldrig stött på en gyaru-o! ^^ Väldigt intressant att få höra om gyaru-kulturen mer från insidan! Fortsätt så!
    Måste bara också berätta att jag också såg Johnny Depp-cosplayarna i Harajuku en av mina sista kvällar i tokyo. Kul att få se bild på dem igen och kunna visa min kompis!
    Det blev visst lite långt.. ^^; sumimasen

  5. what the hell!!! you know so many cool ppl! >|O

  6. Glam rock does resemble japanese style!! I enjoy both :] That girl has such a vibrant hair colour! I wonder what brand of hair coloring she uses??

  7. thank you for giving their name! i been wanting to know exactly who they were for so long now...actually ever since i watched the MV to paparazzi lol! they're so hot!

  8. I'm pretty sure that girl got her inspiration from David Bowie :) one of the most influental glam rockers of all time and my fav musician forever xD
    He is said to have a great influence on Visual Kei fot exmple, so I guess it's no wonder the styles kinda resemble each other~
    and on the other hand he was inspired by the japanese Kabuki theatre in the 70's.