Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Street Snap of the Day 今日のストリートスナップ #17

This pirate looking guy tried to get people to come to his Izakaya* in Shibuya.
*Izakaya = A mix between a bar and a restaurant.

Would you go to his Izakaya?? ;)


  1. I don't think so lol... maybe if I got a nice discount~

  2. what is Izakaya? XDDD

  3. He remind me a little bit of a pirate! *Laugh*

  4. a izakaya is a whorehouse....just kiddin :D
    it's a restaurant/bar kind of thing!

  5. Yes, totally!!
    He looks super agepoyo !! >w< !

  6. Haha och han matchar outfitten med foppatofflor XD

  7. Anonymous 1:

    Ah I forgot to write that, sorry! >_<

    Like "Anonymous 2" says it's a mix between a bar and a restaurant.

  8. He's actually a spitting image of one of the members of a visual kei indie band. Which I guess , is not impossible, I've heard band members have normal jobs too~
    Maaan...I could swear it's him. Or he has a twin brother, hahah

  9. ah, btw. Would you mind telling me which izakaya it is?
    Just out of curiosity :) I'm not planning to stalk him or anything, seeing as I live in central europe ;D

  10. Finding my style:

    Who knows, maybe it's him.
    Yeah I know a lot of models has normal jobs, so it doesn't suprise me that band members sometimes have it too.

    Do you remember the name of the band or band member??

    I never checked which Izakaya he worked for, I just took the picture so I don't know. :/
    But it was in central Shibuya, on the street Sentagai or very close to it.

  11. Well, he looks different without all the visual make up, but I'm actually pretty sure it's him. On his blog pictures, he wears the same pants and shoes. Besides, his face is really characteristic.

    Yeah, sure! If I'm correct he plays for the band called Diement. Here's his blog: