Sunday, January 16, 2011

Three Freezing Weeks in Sweden!!

I recently came back to Japan after the coldest three weeks of my life!! :O
But it was nice to meet family and old friends as well as new friends like Tilde on the picture! =) 

To describe the change you go through when you fly from Japan from Sweden:
When I left the Japanese airport I was greeted by Pikachu...

And when I came to Sweden I was greeted by Björn Borg.
He's kinda like Sweden's Pikachu I guess... ;D

You can see the ice to the left of him, giving everybody a hint about how cold Sweden is!! XD

It's the coldest winter in Sweden in more than 100 years so our house was whiter than ever before.

Struggling to keep warm. 
In Japan you "Dress to Impress" but in Sweden you "Dress to Survive"... ;)

No need for a fridge, just put the stuff on the balcony!

Went to the pretty new shopping center "K5" in Vällingby to update my closet for these cold weeks.

K5 was actually voted to be the most good looking shopping center in the world in competition with shopping centers in New York and Tokyo! :O

I liked this hat from my favorite Swedish brand G-Star Raw.
Or is it Swedish? Haven't seen it anywhere else.

This two meter tall staff was working there. He was nice and gave 50% off on the jeans
I bought even though it was only supposed to be for members.

I love the surrounding in the store with Rhinos in G-Star Raw-clothes in the background!^^

Inside the changing rooms they had computer with web cams!
Are you supposed to connect with the other changing rooms and look what
they're trying on or something..? XD

Top Shop had some fun things as well, like this hat. =)

I was suprised you could find travel bags looking like this in Sweden.
Felt so typically Japanese!

And "Uggs" are everywhere, in all sizes!! :D
Even babies can wear them now!!^^

Wearing some of what I bought.
Jeans from G-Star Raw, Jacket from MQ, red cardigan and bag from H&M.
Everything was really cheap since it was 50% off because of the sale everywhere.

Wore this outfit but with my tail attached to the bag to a Gyaru-meeting in Stockholm which I wrote about here!

Later I met another cool Swedish gyaru named Tilde in Västerås.

She has been reading Japanese fashion magazines like Ranzuki and EGG for some years and went with the class she was studying Japanese with on a trip to Japan last year.

She showed me around in Västerås that was even colder than Stockholm but it was a nice town! 
We went to the world's first H&M and some other stores.
I didn't know that H&M, which is now everywhere in the world, came from Västerås originally.

You can read Tilde's fun blog here!!

Visited Amadeus, that goes to the same Japanese school as me but also is in were in Sweden for the holidays, in his "natural environment" Infernal Online. ;)

Infernal Online is appearently the biggest "Online Gaming Café" in the world.

Started off New Year's Eve in Amadeus crib.

Playing some Smash Bros Brawl to Wii. 

Carl that lived in the same guest house as me and went to the same Japanese school for 9 months was there!! =)

He's studying at a university in north Sweden now but said he missed Japan so much and hopes to come back!

The green tail that Amadeus used to wear in 2010 is now outdated!

The tail your supposed to wear 2011 looks like this according to him!

He found it in Harajuku as you might have guessed.

Then we went out to watch everybody celebrate.
This child with a torch must have been the most hard core! XD


Went to the club Spy Bar until morning.
If you wonder why it's named Spy Bar it's because they actually have spy cameras all over the place!

Lots of Balloons in the roof! I liked the furnishing with some crystal chandeliers.
Gave you the feeling of partying inside a castle much like in the club Trump Room in Shibuya.

Met these three cool people inside! =)
It looks like we're sitting in some nice house but it's one of the rooms in Spy Bar.

One of the DJ's.

Stockholm looked pretty beautiful when I went home in the morning.

Here you see the most central part of Stockholm "Sergels Torg" but it's not a single person there! That would never ever happen in Tokyo...

Also got shot by my cousin Adam's air bazooka but survived. :P

If I were to pick a theme song for my stay in Sweden it would definitley be "Written in the Stars" by Tinie Tempah and Eric Turner.

Every time I listened to the radio in Sweden it was on, and today I heard it in Japan too. Eric Turner that sings the chorus used to be my cousin Adam's math teacher before he got this huge hit that has been played over 28 millions times on YouTube!! :O

I think I've listened to it a hundred times now but still love it!

Before I went back to Sweden I had to buy some Swedish souvenires for my Japanese friends. 
Here's some of the things I bought, you will see more later!

The text "Absolut Svensk" means "Absolute Swedish". 100% Swedish.
I thought it would look fun on Japanese people to wear those.

They were so cheap to buy in a souvenire shop in "Gamla stan" so I bought about 15 of them...

Here you see Fiona from the duo "Rebecca & Fiona" wearing a "Absolut Svensk"-shirt. 
I didn't know about them before my sister showed me their new TV-show while I were in Sweden.

The picture is taken from their artsy blog which you can read here!

This pink "Elefant suitcase" I bought includes typical Swedish candy like "Bilar".

And then the joker "Salta katter"!! Salta katter = Salty Cats
It's licorice which they don't have in Japan as far as I know and their reaction when they taste it is always very very intresting... ;D

Before I finish this post I just need to say that the pizzas in Sweden are about four times the size of the pizzas in Japan...


  1. wow those pizzas are huge!!
    I envy all the snow you guys are getting! In hawaii there is no snow at all. :/

    You meet some fashionable people in the most random places!

  2. What kind of visa (visum) do you have in japan and how did you get it?

  3. I bought some clothes by G-Star from Vietnam pretty wicked huh?
    I like your blog♥

  4. In Germany There's G-Star Raw too~

    And that foxtail of ur friend looks...interesting xD more like a bird tail XD
    Is the foxtail trend surviving in 2011?
    I wonder if I should buy another one but I don't want to when it's already out when I buy it xD
    Well at least in Germany I'd be stylish, because japanese trends come one year later finally to Good old Germany LOL

    It's so sweet of u to buy souveniers for ur friends <3

  5. Anonymous:

    I have a student Visa that's called "Pre-College Visa" in Japan.

    I got it after I had applied for the school Kai and sent in papers to the Japanese Embassy in Sweden showing that I was going to study full time in Japan and could make it financially.

    I got help from a company named Blueberry that helps Swedish people with the procedure for studying in other countries.

  6. Turtle:

    The snow is nice and fun but the coldness that comes with it is not as nice... :/

    I really wish Sweden had Hawaii's weather!! =)

  7. TheOppositeMe:

    Oh really??
    Maybe I just haven't been obeservant enough then or not in the right places.

    Could of course still be a Swedish brand but not so sure anymore...

    Thank you very much!!!^^

  8. Dodo-Vogel:

    I absolutley think the Fox Tails will be surviving through 2011 but maybe there will be more variations of them like that bird tail..?

    I haven't seen anyone except for Amadeus with a tail like that so far though.

    Yeah Japanese fashion often seem to be a year ahead of European fashion, at least when it comes to crazy stuff like fox tails! ;)

    Oh ok maybe G-Star Raw is everywhere...
    Now when I think about it I saw it in New York too. :/

  9. I love this post! Thank you! Happy new year!! 8)

  10. hi hi! been reading your blog for quite some time, but first time to comment! love what you write about japan and gyaru fashion, and of course your homeland, Sweden ... its nice to learn more about it since i had two guys in my class who are from Sweden..

    that child with the torch is hilarious! and that nightshot of stockholm is beautiful with all the snow! also i like your friend's foxtail with the feathers.. very unique, much better than my boring one without

    keep up the great blog! :D

  11. Pinksugarichigo:

    Thanks a lot for reading and commenting!! =)
    Cool that you had two people from Sweden in your class. In a school in california??

    No your tail looks really cool as well, that color goes together with most outfits!

    Your blog is very cool too, awesome outfits!!
    I love the animation thing where you give the cake, if you know what I mean.

    How did you do that one??

  12. Wow, busy busy busy!! ^^
    As much as I've complained about it being cold in Miyazaki, you reminded me it's still better than back home. (Although I miss insulation!!! >.<)

    Love the MQ coat by the way, looks great!

  13. the DJ u took a picture of are a swedish famous blogger ;) and its fiona wearing the cool absolut svensk t-shirt ;)

  14. yes, i go to an art school in california.. its called Academy of Arts and it's in San Francisco.

    oh thanks about the animation. It's actually a site called , here is the website

    you should make one!

  15. ur blog is so niiiceee!! its nice to see so much pics in ur blog! ^^

  16. syster:

    Oh is she?? What's her name??

    Ah hahah I mixed them up!! :/
    Thanks, I will correct that.

  17. G Star is a dutch company ^^
    All the way from the netherlands and has stores in mannnnnyy coutries, even in Japan!!!! heh!

    Although many of the Gstar stores are francised and not actually ran by them, >.<

    Can you tell I worked for gstar? lol.
    Mia x

  18. エミリア:

    Thank you very very much!!!^^

    I try to take as much pictures as possible so that I don't have to write so much! ;)

    You're blog looks really cool too!!
    Lots of pics there as well!! =)

    I follow! :)

  19. Mia-Carla:

    Ah so it's a dutch company!!! :D

    Thank you for telling me!
    Nice to hear from an expert that even worked there.^^
    I loved it since it came to Sweden!!

    Dutch people must be really fashionable since you came up with such a cool brand!!
    I wanna go to Holland sometime!! :)