Saturday, January 29, 2011

The New Street Snap Site:

The professional photographer Said Karlsson and me has recently started the site

 is completley dedicated to all the cool and crazy styles you can find in the streets of Tokyo. We have been dreaming about making a site like this for years and Said's photos are amazing so I'm really excited about the result!!^^

It all started at this nice café in Shibuya where we talked about how to make this project happen. 
Said showed me a design he made for the site which I really liked and hope you will do as well. =)

Then we went "face-hunting" in Shibuya! ;)
We met this fashionable crew with Meeson and Kentakkii to the left, outside Shibuya 109.

Meeson is constantly jumping and moving around which makes it a hard to take photos. 
But who said it was going to be easy to make a street snap site!? ;D

Said taking photos of the Popteen and EGG-model Yuupin.

Yuupin was happy with the result! =)

I go up and ask the people if they want to be in photos for our Street Fashion site and then Said
takes the photos.

I already know some of the people we take photos of, but we also made some new intresting friends during the photo sessions.

We met this hilarious guy called DJ Yuunyan in Harajuku. Appearently his life revolves around being in street snaps. There are streets in Harajuku where it's always tons of photographers waiting for somebody like him to come by so they can take street snaps.

After we had photographed him the first time, he checked our site and liked it so much that he
called us up again and wanted to be photographed again.

He said that he wants to be the "King of TokyoFaces"! XD

He and his girlfriend showed us their favorite store in Harajuku called 6% DOKI DOKI.

The store is kinda hidden on one of Harajukus small backstreets, but extremley colorful just like 
DJ Yuunyan and his girlfriend! :)


I bought this hat there...

In we also show you all the crazy details of peoples outfits, 
like this skirt made of gloves!! :O

And this bag with a barbie doll head on it!! :O

I will of course continue with this blog, and there will be street snaps here as well but different ones than on 

So if you want to see lots of cool street snaps in high quality I recommend you to visit here!! :D 

You can follow the site with Google Friend Connect just like Blogspot sites, and please tell us what you think about the site! =)


  1. Loving the idea of the site and the layout and photos look amazing! :) Will defenitely start following~!

    And that gloves skirt is so amazing! I would've never thought about that. I love how creative people can be! :)

  2. This is awesome! Gotta check out that website sometime! ^.^ I love seeing street snaps....real ones!

  3. I have browsed your site just now and I have to say that I love the photos your friend takes!
    The aperture is set perfectly, the person in focus stands out so well!
    Good luck with the site! :D

  4. Great initiative! Was wondering when you'd be developing something like this, since you already seem to do some awesome snaps on here. ^^ Congrats to the new site!

  5. That is a great looking snap website! Your friend has his camera settings perfect, the photos look so good^^