Friday, January 21, 2011

Part 1/3 EGG Youth Party feat. Blog Boys and Kanako!!

The day after I came back to Japan it was time for another crazy EGG Youth Party. I went their with Engla next to me, that's also from Sweden. Shibuya was exploding of EGG models and funny people this sunny day!! =D

Clothes from four different countries in today's outfit.

Hat from JC in Finland. Gloves from H&M and scarf from Gina Tricot in Sweden. 
Loose pants and tail from Japan. And finally T-shirt from Urban Outfitters in USA.

And a gold- and silver-man were walking around there as well...

I knew I was back in Japan when I saw this crew!!^^
It's impressive how the two men managed to turn themselves completley into one color. 

On the way to Atom, where the party where going to be, we met Naokyun, Yuuri and three other EGG-models that were in the middle of a photoshoot.

Naokyun got so happy and suprised when he heard I had a souvenire for him. 
He got a "Absolut Svensk"*-shirt and then I couldn't resist giving out more since I had 15 of them.
*Absolut Svensk = Absolutley Swedish or 100% Swedish.

The EGG-photographer thought it was fun so he took some photos that will hopefully be in EGG. =)

Yuuri and Naokyun in Men's EGG Youth.

Gave them some typical Swedish candy too. Naokyun with "Kexchoklad" and "Salta katter".

Yuuri with Kexchoklad and "ZOO"! Hahah it looks so funny when they hold it!^^
It felt like we came with gifts from another planet! ;D

I don't know this model's name but I like his hair and he got a "Tutti Frutti" so no wonder he's so happy! ;)

After that these two approached us and wanted us to come to an audition for catwalk models in the end of January.

Then Wakana that used to be Teacher assistent in my Japanese class came by. She works in Pop Café in Shibuya that was in the Japanese part of the Hollywood movie Bable with Brad Pitt. 

They also had a "Couples Photoshoot" for Men's EGG going on in the same place. Gotta love the Tutuha glasses that this couple are wearing!^^

I tried asking the photographer if me and Engla could pretend being a couple for the photoshoot but she just said: -"No kiss, no photo!" :P

The fun suprises never stopped! The blonde guy in the middle that I know since he's always on SentaGai (Center Street) in Shibuya was doing some Para Para-moves when we met them.

On of the guys said that he could take a photo of us but I thought everybody should be in the picture so I tried to ask some random people in the street to take the photo. I got ignored the first two times and they were almost rolling around by laughter. XD

Japanese people seems to think it's extremley funny when people fail with something, since never failing is what their whole society is about.

Yukino happened to be at Burger King in Shibuya so she joined us.
She had a chicken in her hair and new pink fur shoes! :D 

Then we finally reached the entrance but the line was really long!!

The line even stretched around the block.

Do you see the sign that says "Alcatraz" in the background by the way?
It's a theme restaurant that's supposed to be like a crazy mental hospital and I always wondered where it is! If I dare I will go there someday... I heard some scary stories about it though. :P

There were all kinds of people in the line!!^^
And when you reached a certain point in the line you got to be in a clip for Egg Mgg TV! You were supposed to scream: -"Eggggggu Meggggggu Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!" into the camera just like Tanaka Daichi does when he starts the show.

The "Mgg" in "Egg Mgg" stands for "Men's Egg". So "Egg Mgg" means "Women's and Men's Egg". Japanese has such funny ways to shorten things! XD

I have been watching Egg Mgg TV for a while and the funniest moments so far is probably done by the Men's Egg model Kiona in this picture.

In this clip you first see the introduction where people shouts "Egg Mgg TV" like we did and then the show is about "Nanpa techniques".
Nanpa = Hitting on girls

Kiona gets the mission to do a "CosPlay Nanpa". Costume Play Nanpa.
He does a satire of how Otakus* hit on girls, and I think it's right on spot! XD

*Otaku = Japanese nerd

You can watch the rest of the Egg Mgg TV episodes here.
Some content might not be suitable.

The theme for this Youth Party was the "Blog Boys".

This girl were selling the "Blog Boys"-calender.
I asked her who was her favorite among them and she said Minorun.

Minorun here in the middle together with Nemoya, Azusa and Yuunyan.
They're all part of the "Daisy Family" including the staff that works at Daisy in Shibuya 109-2 and the models for the brand.

I said that my favorite "Blog Boys" are Zukey(left) and Naokyun(right) in this picture.

Then she said that Zukey had got influenza and wasn't gonna be able to come. :(

You can read about when me and Yukino met Zukey here!

He was one of the people I had looked forward to meet the most since he's so nice and easy to talk to but there will still be lots of intresting people at the party anyway, like Kanako! =)

I wanted to write about the whole party day in just one post but it's way too much pictures and videos to fit so I will write all about the actual party in Part 2 and 3 of "EGG Youth Party feat. Blog Boys and Kanako Kawabata!!". 

Keep it Agepoyo until then!! (*^^*)


  1. Guuuuud vad kul! :D:D blir så avis, måste varit awesome ^^ fast du är väl van, haha. coolt om absolut svensk-tröjorna kommer med på bild i tidningen också! (och kalender-tjejens favoritsnubbe var söt, höhö) :3

  2. Reading your blog is so much fun~~~~
    I can't say it often enough XDD
    I love how all the people dress!

    Hope you had fun at the EGG Youth Party (^v^)
    weren't you tired? Because that was right after comin back to Japan.. (ô.ô)

    If you go to Alcatraz, post about it, sounds fun! :D

    And the video of Kiona is funny too XD

    Looking forward to the next post :D

  3. LOVE your blog Lyck! And LOVE KIONA <3 hahaha

  4. Lol have to say this but Fazer is a Finnish company, not Swedish so Tutti Frutti is not 'a typical swedish candy' :C

  5. Anonymous:

    Sorry I do so many mistakes in this blog!! >_<
    Oh I kinda knew Fazer wasn't Swedish but I mixed up what candy was from Malaco and what candy was from Fazer.

    But I didn't know it's from Finland. That's really cool!!^^

    What about Malaco?? Is that Swedish??
    Probably not.. :P

    Thank you for correcting me, I learn so much from your comments!! =)

  6. Yukimi:

    Oh I can't thank you enough!!^^
    Reading your comments is always so fun too! =)

    And your new picture is sooo cool!!

    Yeah you're right, I were really tired at first but as soon as I came to Shibuya it was so much fun people everywhere so I got lots of energy!!

    But after that I slept a looong time... XD

    Yeah I really wanna go to Alcatraz sometime, and of course I will write about it afterwards.
    We should go there if you come here!

    Thank you so much, again!!! :)

  7. Tilde:

    Ja det var riktigt kul!! Brukar alltid vara det på dem där festerna men är alltid olika folk som är där osv så man vänjer sig nog aldrig riktigt! =)

    Du måste uppleva det nån gång!

    Hahaha ja precis jag hoppas verkligen Absolut Svensk-tröjorna kommer med i EGG och sätter Sverige på "Gyaru-kartan"! ;D

    Hennes favorit Minorun är grymt snäll också!!^^

  8. Ashley:

    Thank you!!!!!!! ^_^

    Hahaha yeah I love his style and right after I had done this blog post I saw that you have some pictures of him in your Facebook! :D

  9. Your blog is a pleasure to read! You have so many awesome things happening in your life~
    The Swedish T-shirts & candy was so amazing *w*
    Actually we have those candies in Norway too! It was really fun seeing EGG models holding them up like that.
    I'm looking forward to reading part 2 of this! ^__^/

    I would love to go to one of those parties one day! How can one get into an EGG party? xD

  10. Lenalena:

    Thank you very much, that's so nice of you to say!!^^
    And I spend so much time on this blog, so it feels great to hear that you like it! =)

    Yeah I was wondering if Malaco is Norweigan maybe..??

    Oh anyone can get into an EGG party, at least the ones at Atom.
    Pretty much all the events I go to is things that anyone could get into.
    You just need to know when and where it is.

    It's so much events going on everyday in Tokyo, so you don't even have time to attend half of it.

    Yeah it's a different and fun experience and I think you would like it!! If you come to Tokyo and wanna know about any parties like that, feel free to contact me! =)

  11. Hi! Fredrik!
    I'm a eggmggTV's directer,who filmed you in Youth Party!
    Do you remenber?

    Thank you for introducing our program.
    And, check this week's eggmggTV, you are on TV!!

    My best regards in the future.!

  12. Okihara:

    Yes of course I remember you!! =)
    You're english is really good!!!

    I just watched this weeks eggmggTV.^^
    Thank you very much for having us on your show!!

    Please add me on Mixi, Facebook or mail me if you have time!

    Mixi: eggman

    Facebook: Fredrik Lyck

    Cell phone mail:
    Cell phone number: 080 40833 762




  13. Estela:

    I'm really happy that you want to read the next part!!^^

    I will try to finish that as fast as I can! =)

  14. din blogg är bäst!! snart är du kändis i japan xd

  15. スゲーじゃん! 
    Congrats on making it onto Egg Megg TV! ^^
    Hoppas att du har bilder på när pojkarna provade saltlakritsen för första gången också.... ;)

  16. Wow!! I'm pretty jealous of how awesome your life is LOL. You get to meet so many interesting looking people and go to many cool looking events!!

    I've been wondering, how fluent are you in Japanese??

  17. nice post! but u should do something about ur hair fredrik, it looks kind of dead...

  18. Jag skulle göra vad som helst för att få vara du i en dag hahaha! :D

  19. Ri:

    Thanks!! =)
    Det kommer bilder senare på när iallafall en modell på Shibuya 109 provar saltlakrits med ganska stark reaktion hehe... XD

  20. turtle:

    Thank you!!^^ But my life isn't more awesome than anybody else's life, and anybody could go to the events I go to or meet the people I meet. =)

    Oh my Japanese is far from fluent or perfect, but I can have a conversation with people. Maybe not a very deep one though... :(

    But if you learn basic Japanese, hang out with Japanese people and look around at Mixi a lot you kinda learn what's good to say or ask in different situations etc.
    It's important to also get everything properly explained for you I think, not just learn from situations.

    I probably do mistakes all the time when I speak though... but I really really look forward to being able to understand everybody crystal clear when they speak and participate in a conversation between some Japanese people when they speak in normal speed.

    What about you? Did you study some Japanese? =)

  21. Sofia:

    Oj hahaha tack men du kan nog få mycket roligare och intressantare liv som den du är!!^^

    Men jag antar att du menar att göra de sakerna jag gör, och det kan du ju göra om du åker till Tokyo! =)
    Jag får försöka starta en "Agepoyo Sightseeing Tour" här eller nåt så kan du signa upp dig! ;D

  22. Anonymous 3:

    Thank you!! =)

    You are right, it does look kinda dead! XD
    A bit embaressing and a guy in Sweden even thought I was wearing a wig haha...

    I think one of the reasons are because I have extensions and I'm not good at making them look natural, but it will get better with time I hope. :)

  23. alcatraz is here in US!:] its a jail in an island in san francisco california but now Alcatraz became a national recreation area and received landmarking designations. so today you can tour in this island and stuff~
    idk why the theme club is theme as some mental assylum and called alcatraz though :P lol

  24. i mean alcatraz was never a mental hospital lol
    but im curious bout that restaurant!:D pls blog and take pics when u go there sometime!^_^v

  25. haha jaa! och jag är sååå med! :D

  26. Asians are really good when it comes to fashion. It reflects their jolly personality.