Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thanks for making me number 3 on SnapWalker!!^^

You can see the full ranking here!

Read about how to vote here!


  1. Vassego!

    Det är lätt eftersom de inte har spamfilter :P

  2. Tack!! :)

    Hahahah jo det är sant! XD

    De flesta japanerna går in på sidan genom sina mobiler, där kanske det e svårare att spamma...?

    Eller så är dem helt enkelt inte lika fuskiga som mig och uppmanar folk att spamma järnet.. ;D

  3. so fast!!!
    I just pushed the buttons 20 times or so then i got bored xD
    You seriously have some great readers!

  4. iiih häftigt :D grattis :D ska in och rösta lite jag nu!

  5. Dodo-Vogel:

    Hahah ok but thank you for those 20 clicks!!^^

    Yeah the best readers ever!!!!!!!
    Thank you!!! =D

    I just got visitor record too!
    158 people in one hour visited this blog so that's like 2,5 people per minute!! :O

    Happy Happy!!!^^

  6. Manda:

    Tack så mycket!!!!^^

    Hahaha dem kommer nog ta sig en funderare på att skaffa ett spam-filter imorgon! XD

  7. I just left you the 7000th 'iine'
    I bet I klicked 30 times, really easy to cheat there >D

  8. you are #1 now!! good job~ haha

  9. Nå er du på førsteplass :3 Jeg kjedet meg litt så trykket sikkert sånn tusen ganger LOL

  10. Stina:



    Thank you sooo much!!!!!!!!!!^^

    Hahahahahaha the site looks so funny now!!!! XD
    Me on both first and second place... LOL
    It kinda loooks hacked! ;D

    The people working at SnapWalker will be so suprised tomorrow when they wake up... :D

    Hahahaha thank you everybody for reading and clicking.

    Just being on the site didn't feel that special, but all you made it one of the most fun moments in my life hahahaha...

    Thank you!!!! You're the best!!!!

  11. Wait!
    Aren't you the 4th guy too in that photo?

  12. I am going to turn back to 14...if you see that two girls are young...that´s a point hahaha

  13. WOW i just checked it and now you're first place!! yay!! :D

  14. Maria @GeekyGyaru:

    That's my twin!! ;)

    No just kidding, it's me.

    I didn't tell the readers to vote on both of my profiles but I'm happy they did!!^^

  15. Ly☆:

    Thank you!! =)

    I don't know if I deserve it or not, but I'm happy that all you readers gave such a great response!!^^