Friday, January 7, 2011

Agepoyo World Tour!!

Just came back from Finland where I met the awesome people on this picture.
Gyaru from Finland, Germany and Switzerland!^^
I also been around Sweden a little bit meeting people with Japanese style and very soon my
flight back to Japan leaves.

9th January it's time for EGG Youth Party and I will hopefully meet some Gyaru from
America and other countries! =)
Let's call it "The Agepoyo World Tour"!! ;)

When I'm back in Japan I will post a lot of pictures and videos from it! :)


  1. Ah, that picture came out nicely!
    I had a great time! Hopefully we will meet again! ^^


  2. Milla:

    Yeah everybody looks really good on it!! =)
    I had a very very great time too!!!^^

    Thank you all so much for meeting me and showing me around!
    Let's definitley meet again! =D

    I will post much more photos and videos from our adventure in Helsinki as soon as I can!

  3. Haha~ I know two of them~
    That blonde long haired woman is Viivi and she's blog is famous Cupcake Couture ^^
    And that white haired man writes VIVIDBEAT named blog ^^
    While we we're hanging out in Kamppi, and they we're eating, I yelled: "OH MY GOSH!! LOOK THERE IS VIIVI!!!" xDD
    Hope you post our photo soon too :33 ♥

  4. Looks like you've been having an awesome time! ^^

  5. "The Agepoyo World Tour" sounds nice, hahaha!

  6. ohhh i think i look shit and unhappy on that pic but i was very glad to meet u!!!

    -tuomas #2 lol XDDDD

  7. Who's the guy with brown hair that's sitting on the floor? YUM! Does he have a blog?

  8. dina japanska kompisars bloggar vart hittar man dom? eller japanska bloggar överhuvudtaget?

  9. Icchu-Chan:

    Yes I read Viivi's blog before but thank you for telling me about VIVIDBEAT, first time I read it but really cool!!^^

    Wow, Viivi seems to be really famous among people that likes Japan in Finland, right?

    Yes of course I will post your photo too!!! =)
    It was really fun and nice to meet you!
    Thank you and everybody that were with you!!

  10. Ri:

    Yes more than awesome!!^^

    Thank you!!! =)

  11. Kanae:

    Hahaha!!^^ I love world tours!!
    I would like to go to Spain too!!!

  12. Tuomas:

    Nooo you look great!!
    I was very glad to meet you too! =)
    Please come to Japan and let's hang out!! =D

    Hahaha "tuomas #2"...
    Both of you are Tuomas #1!! ;D

  13. Moa:

    That's Sascha Dunger from germany! =)

    I don't know if he has a blog, but I will try to find out.

  14. Anonymous:

    Om du går in på EGG's officiella hemsida så hittar du många av Men's EGG-modellernas bloggar ifall du scrollar ner en bit.

    Dem flesta av Japanerna som förekommit i min blogg hittils är dock Men's EGG Youth-modeller vilka använder CROOZ-blogg som egentligen är avsett för Japanska mobiler.
    Fler och fler japaner använder CROOZ-bloggar eftersom de flesta ungdomar här tycks använda endast mobilen till att surfa.

    CROOZ-bloggarna blir dock ganska fula på PC/Mac.
    Ja ska försöka sammanställa en lista på bloggarna till folket som förekommit här.

    CROOZ har också olika sorters ranking-listor för exempelvis folk som jobbar på Shibuya 109 osv.

    Annars så tror jag den största sortens blogg i Japan fortfarande är Ameba vilket en del använder som jag känner.
    Finns topplistor för olika kategorier av bloggare där också.