Monday, May 2, 2011

Met Nemoyayo in New Clothes ;)

Went shopping in Shibuya 109-2 and then met the second most popular EGG-model Nemoyayo the next day.

Time to change the hot winter clothes for spring fashion! :P

Bought jeans and shirt from Chacha at Mayhem. The boss for the whole Shibuya 109 was walking around outside writing notes about the stores.

The shirt, in American flag colors.

I like to hang glasses in it, but they easily fall out if you don't take care. :/

Wanted some different looking jeans...

Together with the jacket I've been wearing for a while...

...bought from this guy at Rhydeal...

 looks like this.

Took Purikura with Jenny at Eggnam the next day.

At Eggnam thay have toplists ranking brands, models and more. According to one of the lists Nemoyayo is the second most popular Egg-model. Romihi is number one and Kanako is number three.

When me and Jenny were going to Shibuya 109 afterwards we saw Nemoyayo. On pictures she looks healthy but in real life she almost looks anorectic. She is extremley good at posing though! :D


  1. Aww, it made me sad to read that Nemoyayo is so skinny! But she is really cute and you are lucky to meet her! I'm jealous! (Maybe when she retires from modeling, she can be more healthy!)

  2. *v* aww she looks so cute..the border between being anorexic and just trying to be slim is really thin..oo'

  3. Those purikura pics are so cute!
    You look so stylish on the pics, I love your new stuff
    I really want to meet Nemoyayo too, she is so perfect *AAA*

  4. OMG jag älskar nemoyayo *__* <3 <3 <3 i also think she looks normal and perfectly healthy in photos and a music video i saw of her. too bad she looks too thin IRL >_<'''

  5. OMG I lovvveee your Puris !! XDD !!Very funny !!!!
    When I´m in japan in january 2012 with my honey, we have to take some puris,too !!! please ? ^^

  6. Wow!! How great you got to meet her! * o * haha I'm not surprised that Romihi is at the top! She's one of my favorites along w/Kanakooo!

    I like what you bought! i think it'll be great for a hot summer xDD

  7. Oh you got to meet Nemoyayo :o
    That's so cool (@w@)/*

    I was just wondering how you get all the money to shop at the brand stores, party and pay the tuition fees?
    Do you have a job and if so what is it like?
    Or do you have scholarship?

  8. You always have such great style! I really love the jacket and the jeans you got~ and your puricura is awesome, as always! :)

    Yeahh, I hear a lot of models, especially in Japan, are anorexic >.<'
    One of my friends told me that some girls will only eat one or two small diet bars a day just to stay small! @___@
    It's so sad :(

  9. Nice clothing here!
    Can you give me the link to Jenny's blog please? :-)
    The japanese girl looks so cute!

  10. wooow you met her so lucky ♥

    aawww my Jenny ♥

    both are cute !!

  11. Anonymous:

    Thank you! =)

    Jenny's blog:

  12. ☆tarutaru☆:

    I get some funding from the Swedish government for studying, but mostly it's student loans. :/

  13. black-sui:

    Oh thank you very much!!!^^

    Sure, if I'm here at that time, let's take some Purikura! :D