Friday, May 6, 2011

Foreign Gyaru Meeting in Shibuya

I met up with these friends in Shibuya to attend a gyaru fashion show.

Shiena and Ashley was there! ^^

Elyce and Ariane too!! =)

And Engla of course! :D

No meeting without Purikura!

With Heather from America and Shiena from Canada.

With Engla, Heather and Liz.

It didn't come so many people to the fashion show afterwards at J-Pop Café.

But they had some fun things to play with! ;D


  1. It seems you had a lot of fun (^O^)
    Your blog is always very interesting! (^^)

  2. Awww! Such a great meetup! ^o^ Everyone looks so fabulous!

    And purikura is ALWAYS needed! ^^

  3. Aaw, looks so fun~! :D I hope you enjoyed the fashion show! <3

  4. awww looks like you guys had so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!! >.< i want to be there NOW!!!!

  5. Engla looks beautiful in the purikura!

  6. Can you please ask your friend Tina what the name/brand/colour of her contacts are that she’s wearing in your post “back in beautiful japan”? I want ones that aren’t too big like hers, they look really nice. arigatou ne!

    also, how do you and all of the other gaijin gyaru from overseas become friends?? Do you all know each other before you meet? I wish I had people to dress gyaru or gyaru inspired with me in Australia, but I don't know anyone into the style and am too embarrassed to start by myself. Everyone here dresses the same, if you differ people tend to stare >.<'

  7. Anonymous 2:

    Ok I will try to ask her!

    I know all of the people I met that day through Facebook, except for Elyce which I know through a common friend, which I know through Facebook. ^^

    I knew some of them before that meeting, and some not so well. Yeah I see what you mean, I guess it's a bit like in Sweden. :/

  8. I love this post! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. This hat looks so good on you, too!

  9. Anonymous 2:

    I'm really sorry for my late answer!
    I answered your comment a few days ago but somehow it seemed to have disappeared. :(

    Anyway, I will try to ask Tina about that! =)

    Ashley was going to my Japanese language school and I know Elyce through Arianne which I know through Facebook. And the rest of the people I also know through Facebook I think.

    Ah I understand what you mean. It's kinda like that in Sweden too I think. :/
    Well, if you come to Japan while I'm here you can always do it with us if you want to! =)

  10. What the link to Ashley's blog?

  11. Anonymous 3:

    I don't know if Ashley have a blog or what the URL is. Sorry! :(

    If I find out I'll write again!