Monday, May 23, 2011

Hightlights at MINX Hair Salon

A pretty long time ago the EGG-model Morieda recommended me the hair salon MINX where he had styled his hair.

Outside MINX in Harajuku.

Together with the hairstylist that did my hair. Interesting person that likes Michael Jackson.

This was my hair color before. I guess that's my natural one but I've done so much highlights the last years that I forgotten. :P

After the highlights. So much happier than before! ;D

Went to the restaurant Gasuto with Fergus from New Zeeland and Mr. Jakob.

Fergus had a new haircut after a model job this day.

At Club Atom. Cool hairstyle on the girl in the middle!

With Dawn from Sweden/Burma. Nice butterfly ring!

Met these old and new friends on my way home.

*This entry was edited May 27.


  1. I think you should take it as a compliment when someone is hitting on you, nevertheless who it might be =)
    btw I loooove your outfit from the mirror-shot!

  2. you suited the 1st picture hair style~
    it's shows your strong jaw line, VERY masculine :)
    use colours that have blue undertone as well.

    i never thought you are not that popular among girls~ but look at the bright side! :D

    Fergus hair maybe better if he messed curls his hair (that's left?) :3
    btw, Dawn is so cute! xD

  3. i love your recent hairstyles!

  4. how is it that you aren't popular with the girls when you go out clubbing?! my male friends, who are ridiculously ugly compared to you (lol) get hit on by japanese girls left, right and center... what is wrong with the j-girls at Atom?! lol. but also, maybe you need to be more agressive, eh? go get 'em, tiger! (lol)

  5. Wow, how on earth is your skin so perfect? Seriously, you should do a skin care commercial or something O.O

    Btw ,I'm super new to your blog so sorry if I ask questions you've answered, haha. How long have you been in Japan for? Are you studying there, or what?
    I love gyaru and gyaru-o fashion and you do it amazingly well! I just got into the fashion about 2-3 months ago, so I'm a super novice, But maybe one day i'll be pro like you lol.

  6. Mia~♥:

    Oh thank you so much!! First time I hear that from someone hehe. My skin is far from perfect though, so I don't think I'll be able to do a skin care commercial.

    Ok cool, thanks for reading and commenting! No problem! I've been in Japan for about one and a half year. I'm studying Japanese full time here at a language school called KAI.

    Oh, once again, thank you so much! I looked at your blog and you already does it thousand times better than me! You're the pro, not me! ^^

  7. Dawn? She's not from Bangladesh? It's Burma! And must be a pretty old pic since she left japan last christmas...